October 6

Can’t find a decent headline, the date is there merely because I spent more time trying to figure out a headline then I did writing the actual poem I’m about to type here. I wrote this early today between trips out filming a marathon that’s happening this weekend, and buying groceries, and washing clothes, and cooking supper, and cleaning my apartment. I’m pretty tired. I have to get up at 6 a.m. to film again tomorrow so here’s the poem..I’m going to bed lol.


plus est en vous

What would it take?
What would it take?
The feeling stops my heart mid-beat.
What if?
We’re never quite certain.
But we still smile,
still laugh,
feel comfortable and at ease;
quietly going over the facts,
sipping on karma.
Take a chance, break a leg –
tell me what tomorrow will bring.
It’s never quite right, the timing.
Look twice.
plus est en vous

Found on Pinterest. Mumford and Sons lyrics ❤

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