you didn't dig my roots you didn't even burrow but everyone loves a sturdy evergreen in the right light thrown in the middle of barren land my humble advice to you is not to sell seeds you never plan to sow M.

a person abroad.

Life is a storybook and I'm trying to accept these characters For what they're destined to be Trying to accept the fates and fortunes The fools and follies The givers and takers The glass-half-broken folks And people who claim to have no glass I need you. More than I've needed most things, because I'm scared of … Continue reading a person abroad.

my heart is a carpenter's light fixture exposed wires, dusty lightbulb hanging above the room (perhaps the elephant within it) above the truth a quiet referendum all the flowers have been picked my grief untethered. M.


the eighth edition a derelict addiction the desire to be opposite to taste what the other side is offering keep me grounded, tie me down we still have miles to go M.