knowledge keeper

I wish I could talk to my nan now, and ask her more focussed questions about life. I want 35 year old me to see life through her eyes. I did not have these questions in my early 20s. Did I learn everything I could learn with the time I had? I don’t think I came close.

quiet victories

thank you for having patience with me, with the process. thank you for believing in our journey. you’ve made my life a thousand times better. we can breathe today.


this spring

March and April have blended into one. Some things of note this spring:

  • Nissan Prime has gone to her new home, my Dad!
  • I went pink, and now I’m back to regular purplish brown
  • My loans are paid off! *knocks on wood* I’m debt free until my new vehicle arrives…
  • We went through an alert level change, so I’m back to work in my office tomorrow
  • Jeffrey and I will celebrate our one year anniversary next week!
  • Grace is still cool af
  • I bought 3 boxes of old VHS from a lady and scored a lot of old horror movies (like 60s), and WWF wrestling shows (which Jeff is happy about)
  • Been reading, and painting

Here’s some snaps.