fact checking

. people want each other but they don’t need each other
. the air is so fresh here
. biking is cheaper than therapy
. none of my plants ever died on my watch
. teaching someone english is not the same as teaching them how to love
. people who never listen to your concerns don’t respect you
. tattoos are personal so the only opinion that matters is your own
. dog hair is basically a condiment
. making ends meet shouldn’t mean ending your personal life
. drink more water. always more.
. the world is waiting for exploration, it’s ok if you can’t afford it right now
. pain is the loudest voice
. if you smile, i’ll smile
. i may never be a writer but i will always write
. even family has vested interests, it’s ok to say no
. tineye
. only children are adults at birth. i am harder to love because i embrace the loneliness
. i am still trying to figure out what it means to be métis



i can feel my heart pounding in my ears
it is not fear
it is just the weight
that i carry around, three times the average
gravitational pull
i am quick
i am fluent
but i am heavy
it is a burden
shared by my relations
(they like to remind me)
that someone prettier
has it all, and then some
words stick to me like tape                    even if only said once
and i struggle to peel them off
to not repurpose the tape for their mouths
i am quick
i am fluent
but I am heavy
the weight of your resistance
is more than my legs can carry


could have been Anthony

my jaw clicks
it is the same click shared
by my uncles
and my dad
i often wondered
had i been born with-


out a purpose

had i been an Anthony
instead of what i am
would i be any different?
would i be
a parent
a poet
i have built engines
i have cut trees
i have fought wars (eternal)
i have kissed a girl
i have raised my voice
i have fallen in defeat
and i am just as lost as ever
my jaw clicks
but only when i’m trying to tell you
that it doesn’t matter


if you read it fast, it’s better

i found the draft
and caught the chill
between my fingers
time passes quicker than
street lights
20 seconds later
we all stop and watch the youngster
cross the road
holding our breath
hoping everyone’s obeying the rules
this road is long
and soggy, it’s the TLH in April
when you’re never quite sure
you got the clearance needed
and you pray to God or Moses
someone comes to get you if you’re more
than 8 hours on the road
i found the draft
and caught the chill
rolling up the window
ending the airstream
connecting me to the Mealy’s
and all the trees supporting my habit
of a cold deep breath.