About Mandy Joy


Mandy Joy Poole

The Basics: Writer, photographer, web editor, dog mom, Labradorian. Learns most things the hard way.

The Details: Raised in coastal Labrador in a large and loving family. The outdoors, particularly the sea, has been my comfort zone since I was able to explore on my own. I like to do whatever I can to help people where I am able. I’m a journalism graduate and I believe if you have the power to use your words and your camera to help others, it’s your duty to do so. My blog Color of Outdoors has been portraying my life as a Labradorian for seven years and counting.

never ending love;

The starry sky
The first snowfall of the year
Crunchy fall leaves
The Sea

Wool socks. Many wool socks.
Hand-written letters
Reading (non-fiction & poetry)
Photography (Huawei P10 & Canon Rebel XS & Instax Mini 8)
Whiskey (neat)

Road and trail biking
Random acts of kindness
Dedicated pet-parents


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