About Mandy Joy

The Basics: at home I’m a writer, photographer & blogger. At work I’m a computer tech. I am a happy dog mom, Labradorian and a journalism graduate with a thirst for travel.

I was raised in small town coastal Labrador (Fox Harbour). Only child with superb parents. The outdoors, particularly the sea, has been my comfort zone since I was able to explore on my own. A day by the ocean is never a day wasted. My blog Color of Outdoors has been portraying my life as a Labradorian for seven years and counting.

Things that I particularly love:

The starry sky
The first snowfall of the year
Autumn leaves
The Sea
Hygge living
Wool socks
Hand-written letters
Reading (non-fiction & poetry)
Photography (Samsung S8 &Β Instax Mini 8)
Road and trail biking
Random acts of kindness
Dedicated pet-parents
Dark chocolate
Vintage Fire King, Corelle & Pyrex kitchen items
Scandinavian inspired decor
Handmade soaps & creams


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