About Mandy Joy

I always struggle when it comes to writing about myself. An ‘about me’ page is supposed to tell a story about the life of the author. My story is constantly being re-written, so I suppose that’s where I should start.
I’m a Labrador girl. Woman. I’ve always considered myself an outdoor person and it’s pretty hard not to be when you grow up like I did. I’m from a small town that you’ve never heard of called St. Lewis, known to locals as Fox Harbour. For my entire childhood and into my high-school years my town was disconnected from the outside world. The only ways in or out were by small-engine plane, boat, or snowmobile in the winter. It’s an interesting and rewarding way to grow up. You are forced to cater to the land and weather.
I’ve lived my whole life in Newfoundland Labrador, spread out over the southern part of Labrador and western Newfoundland. I long to travel to places I’ve only ever seen in movies, but each day I find something new to love about my home. Staycationing is kinda my thing.
Behind me lies 2 diplomas. I’ve studied both automotive service technology (aka: mechanic) and journalism. I’ve worked too many jobs to count since I was 13. I currently manage a courier company.
Since I was 15 I’ve loved to write. My parents would either find me writing in my room or down at the beach exploring with my dog. I still have a box full of sea glass that I’ve collected over the years and it’s more precious to me than any diamond I could be given. Home really is where my heart is.
I’m passionate about the environment. Because I grew up the way that I did, in the place that I did, I’ve witnessed first hand the changes in the way the ice flows and freezes. The abnormal temperature changes. The destruction of forests for mining exploration and exploitation. There’s a fine line, and sometimes I wish I was the one that was drawing it, making it bolder.

I’m full of stories. And I don’t have an issue with telling them. Pull up a chair and get comfortable.


Things that I particularly love:

The starry sky
The first snowfall of the year
Autumn leaves
The Sea
Hygge living
Wool socks
Hand-written letters
Reading (non-fiction & poetry)
iPhone Photography
Road and trail biking
Random acts of kindness
Dedicated pet-parents
Vintage Fire King, Corelle & Pyrex kitchen items
Scandinavian inspired decor
Handmade soap


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