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meet me at my watery edges cast your judgements aside and find that you are free there are no eyes on you but mine forget release accept fate and all of its disclaimers the distance between you and your desires is a fleeting thought amongst the rot of your doubt forget release cast your judgements…

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every night

maybe I do go to the valley of the shadow of us every night I smell that woodsmoke I see that constellation I am alone in the in-between where you and I were and whatever’s next it’s safe to say there’s nobody like you it’s safe to say I broke my heart too every night…

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waiting for something that resembles gold when life is a whole lot of copper maybe tomorrow will be different when the sun breaks they call it dreaming but i’m most often awake to watch the clouds slide by and every second feels like i’m too late feeling my days slip away from the same point…

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think of me like a house

think of me like a house with a hundred compact rooms filled with antiques and broken mirrors the bones are still good think of me like a house with mismatched chairs and vaulted ceilings my height is my advantage think of me like a house where you hold your love for safe keeping where your…

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don’t lose this don’t abandon these feelings this life is non-renewable so you can tell me please tell me even if it’s just a whisper there’s a noise we can’t place feelings we can’t face even if they are real they are real the details and the desire living in revisions don’t lose this M.…

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a person abroad.

Life is a storybook and I’m trying to accept these characters For what they’re destined to be Trying to accept the fates and fortunes The fools and follies The givers and takers The glass-half-broken folks And people who claim to have no glass I need you. More than I’ve needed most things, because I’m scared of…

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my heart is a carpenter’s light fixture exposed wires, dusty lightbulb hanging above the room (perhaps the elephant within it) above the truth a quiet referendum all the flowers have been picked my grief untethered. M.

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beneath everything

if i were to describe the way in which i feel about you, it would best be described as a hum you know that constant sound that’s always present even when no other sounds are even in complete silence, no movement, no action, just the sound of your own breath… you still hear that hum…

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the eighth edition a derelict addiction the desire to be opposite to taste what the other side is offering keep me grounded, tie me down we still have miles to go M.

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Love In September

the moon tore apart the fleshy clouds and we drank from her light every last drop like stolen property silence spreads across the sky blanketing our sorrows your love is immeasurable M.

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about being gentle

there is something undeniably powerful about being gentle. as if the world expects and prepares for your harshness and you throw light at the darkness instead. being strong is sexy, but being humble is gold. M.

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i have a legacy to protect for breaking names and taking hearts (yes, i noticed) out here in the wildwood all you see is what you think you see do you see? live tastefully | respect boundaries we are only as free as we allow ourselves to be and sincerely, i want you to know…

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An Ending.

“Who are you when no one’s watching?” That’s a question I ask myself quite regularly. Usually whenever I catch myself doing something out of the ordinary. I ask myself why I did it, or why I didn’t do it. Keeping myself in check. Last night I removed all but one friend from my Facebook account, my…

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