Heart Songs

I've recently had a scary incident with hypertension. After a 10-hour hospital visit, my doctor put me on two types of blood pressure medication to get my symptoms under control. It was a really scary day. Scary enough that I've replaced bacon with cheerios, and all beverages with water. (I mean there are more changes, …


Dear Ray, I had Mary Brown’s for supper. Today I was really lost. The last time I saw you, you were lying on your belly watching Beverly Hills Cop with Jane and I. I promised I wouldn’t eat Mary Browns again until you could, in solidarity. Today, I ate it just to honour you, I …

All in a Saturday

Attended the Labrador Traditions Craft Fair today to re-stock my Spruced Up Labrador goodies. Of course I saw so many beautiful pieces of art there. I managed to scoop up a few things. Here's some pics from today, and recently. M.

A big month.

This month was pretty big, all things considered. I turned 33. I moved into a new apartment with two of my friends, in an area of town I very much enjoy. And, if you're into weather watching at all, holy hell did we ever get a lot of snow. Dad and his friend Lar drove …

Fall Beginnings

I took a trip home to St. Lewis to spend Thanksgiving with my family. It was really nice to spend time in the shed with dad, and to spend time crafting with mom. And I mean, the turkey dinner wasn't too shabby either. Here's some photos from recently. Cheers; M.