Today is my mother’s 56 birthday. I didn’t forget. Though amidst all the chaos in the last month, I did forget to send a card. I’m feeling pretty bad about the fact that, to my mother’s discovery, I didn’t ever blog about her on her birthday. As I explained, I never knew she really took notice of my blog and instead I always made a little post about it on Facebook for her. Nonetheless, I can see why she’d feel dismayed about that.

Right now the whole world is in a state of uncertainty because of ‘the thing that shall not be named’. But future you, looking back on this post, you’ll know what’s has happened. I just hope we’re looking at it in the past tense.

Last night I went for a drive around town. It was around 10:30pm. I drove around every nook and cranny of Goose Bay, was gone from home about 40-45 minutes. In that length of time I saw a total of 4 vehicles on the road, one of which was a cop car. So many businesses with giant signs in their windows and unplowed parking lots. It is seriously eerie. Felt like I was inside of a tv set.

Anyways, back to my mother. We didn’t always get along. We don’t always get along. In fact, I’m quite sure there’s a lot of things about me that she doesn’t particularly care for but she never says so. Isn’t that the way of a mother though. Loving their children no matter how they turn out?

Last year my mom lost her sister, my Aunt Shirley. She was a huge part of mom’s life, even though they didn’t get to see each other in person a lot they shared many phone conversations. There’s been a lot of upset lately. Life is never simple. My mom and dad aren’t always in the best of health but we’ve been very, very fortunate that things aren’t worst than they are.

My mom always smells like baby powder. She’s used the same Lady’s Speed Stick Powder Fresh deodorant for years now, and every time I hug her I feel like a baby being swaddled into loving arms. For as long as I remember, hers are the only arms I ever have wanted to be in when something is going wrong. Or going right. They’re just where I want to be. She’s the first person I talk to whenever something happens of note.

So whether or not I’ve written about her on here, which I’m certain I have within the 10 years I’ve been up in this joint, the fact remains the same: my mother is my safety net, and she deserves all the love and consideration that life can throw her way.




Dear Valentine

When I was growing up Valentines Day was one of my favorite days. In school we’d make these cardboard mail deposit boxes and tape them to the front of our desks, and classmates would put their Valentines cards in. I’m not sure what grade/year this stopped. I do remember some girls being particularly tickled pink about getting Valentines from their crushes. Myself, I liked the funny ones.

“I choo-choo-choose you,” said Thomas.

Valentines Day as an adult? ……Ugh.

If you’re lucky enough to have someone special in your life, that you still can stand to look at, maybe you’ll get flowers and/or chocolates. Champagne. Not have to do the dishes.

(How high are our standards? Am I right?) Lol..

The element of surprise is what makes Valentines Day special. I hope someone surprises you. Catches you off guard, in the best way. Throw around smiles like they’re free, because they are.

Loving YOU,


Mon valentin

orange melt


i can feel the energy of the sun melt into my skin
my eyelids absorb the orange glow
the crisp winter wind steals the feeling from my fingertips
you bring me back to life with a tug of your leash
keep moving, we’re almost there


Inside Labrador

Ya girl is featured in Inside Labrador magazine this month!

Hoping Dad gets to see this before anyone asks him about it — surprise!




Dog Parkin’ It

Since we got Daisy the lil husky mix back in October we’ve been visiting the dog park more. Bringing Grace alone often proved to be a challenge, because other dogs would tend to gang up on her as they saw her blindness as weakness and I didn’t think it was worth the stress on her to do this.

Daisy, on the other hand, is a little scrapper when things get in the way of Grace and herself, so she’s proven to be quite useful at the dog park. No dogs have been picking on Grace since I’ve taken them together. Sometimes I luck out and it’s just the three of us there.

Here are some shots from today. There’s one that’s quite funny, you’ll know it when you spot it. I was attempting to take a picture of Grace and just as I went to take the shot Daisy jumped over her. I laughed so hard it made me dizzy.

My love to you all.