Question and suggestion

Question: How do YOU start a conversation?

Suggestion: If someone asks you, “How are you?” be as honest as you can be with tact. When people respond, “Good, you?” it’s simply a pattern and is just as effective as being anti-social. Maybe it’s time we start saying how we are truly feeling. Maybe then we begin to change the conversation around mental health and wellness.

Sometimes a simple hello and a smile can mean all the difference in the outcome of someones day.

Hello, reader. How are you?



Add a blanket

If you don’t know what you’re fighting for
it is time to discover
the reason
for which doors were made.
Spend some time
Work your body to its bones.
‘Cause you’re better off
slightly lost
than wrecking your heart –
it’s a heavy cost.
I was yours until you left me
but you’ll never get the best of me.
The night, it is weary
but adding a blanket
is better than another empty soul.


buttons and zippers

You occupy a notable place
beneath my ribs
underneath will and reason.

You found your way despite the thorns and shattered glass –
Despite resistance and doubt.

I occupy a notable place
beneath your hands
stinging with lust and patience.

I found my way despite the buttons and zippers keeping us apart.

We occupy a notable place
On Johnson Hill road
beneath the oak tree
on your old brown blanket
feeling things that lack forgiveness.



And in the darkness the snow glowed like faint light.
The frost tickled the tree line and whispered gusts of sparkling snow,
landing softly at our feet.
This winter will be different.
This winter we’ll be warm.



be in my eyes; be in my heart.

be in my eyes; be in my heart

know it’s crazy to believe in silly things;
Matter can neither be created, nor destroyed,
only changed.
And the fact of the matter is, that you have changed me,
and you are my heart.