Lost beach

It has been a long time since I even checked my blog, let alone written in it. Technically I should be studying right now, but since I didn’t get home from school until 6:30 I’m having a late supper and now i’m waiting for that to cook.

After my photojournalism class today I took a drive down to the beach. We watched a documentary called “Why We Fight” and It just really struck a chord. It is about how the media pumped so much information into our heads after 9/11, perhaps un-necessarily, scarring specifically those who were directly involved with that day in September; the victims; the families.

While I was at the beach I came across (not that it was hard to miss or anything!) this beat up old boat. I took a lot of pictures of it, but when I got in close for some tight shots I suddenly felt very saddened. The boat itself looks quite miserable, on display for everyone to see, some mocking it and saying it should be burned. I felt anger towards the ‘in Cod we TrustED’ concept. This poor fisherman, whoever he is, probably took a full winter or more to construct this masterpiece, and here it is, broken, beaten and scarred.

That combined with the movie made for a very solemn afternoon. But if I were to look on the brighter side of the situation, it did make for some very intelligent conversation (all be it with myself) and some nice photographs.

I’ll try to post more often. Hope Autumn is treating you all well, keep warm and smile.

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