My life through a different lens

You may remember I went on a social media disconnect before. This time, it’s all going. Yes, I have a Facebook account FOR work, that I use AT WORK solely to contact customers I can’t reach via any other means. I have no friends on there (purposefully).

X Twitter, X Instagram, X LinkedIn if I can figure out how to do it because that site layout is ancient? Ok I figured it out. Gone. Goodreads, gone. It’s all gone. The only thing I have left online is this blog and my Pinterest because it’s taken me so long to curate and I honestly love it.

Anyways. I asked the people that I follow/follow me online to follow me here, so if you’ve made the switch and haven’t been here before – welcome! There’s a lot of shit on here! Browse! Frolic! Don’t steal my crap!

(Seriously, if you use anything, just give credit where it’s due).

My life through a different, yet same, lens. When I started this blog I had a beautiful Canon DSLR to take pictures on. It’s since broken and been replaced several times by other cameras. But somehow now all I reach for is my iPhone because it’s so accessible, and let’s be honest, can make a great image.

Now that I’m back here on the blog and will be posting more frequently, I’ve decided to break out the fancy gear and bring it back to slow, intentional photography. Sure, there will still be a lot of iPhone shots because it’s always in my pocket. I just want to reach back to the time when I enjoyed being creative, in hopes that it gets re-injected and I feel good about it.

So here’s the first shot. New Year, same me. And that’s alright.



All in a Saturday

Attended the Labrador Traditions Craft Fair today to re-stock my Spruced Up Labrador goodies. Of course I saw so many beautiful pieces of art there. I managed to scoop up a few things. Here’s some pics from today, and recently.


Things that were missing

I haven’t been as active on here as I am used to being but there is a good reason. Most of the time my posts are my poetry, and now I am in the process of working on a new book! All of my new material will be saved for that. I will still be here of course. Next month will mark 8 years working on this blog, I can hardly believe it.

Lots of changes coming lately. Some of them scary. I just hope they’re all the right ones for me.

Here are some images of the last little while from my part of the world.