I need your help; a Facebook love story.

I have a very important task for you, fellow bloggers and blog readers.

I’m from a small community on the Labrador coast called St. Lewis. And though you most definitely have not heard of it, this little town has been my home for over 20 years. I love this place and its people.

Now, as a social media coordinator, I’m pretty much on Facebook all the time. It’s basically my desktop wallpaper. And I would love to be able to show some community pride by listing St. Lewis as my hometown. But I can’t.

I’ve messaged Facebook a few times pretty much begging them to list St. Lewis as a community/town/city so that I can share this information with my friends! I’m proud of my town and want to show it off. But I haven’t gotten any replies.

So then I did a little research. From what I understand St. Lewis can be listed as a city in which I can classify as my hometown IF the page created about St. Lewis gets enough ‘likes’.

So a few paragraphs later, this is what I’m asking you. Please ‘like’ this page about St. Lewis so the people clicking away at the keys behind the scenes at Facebook will finally categorize the town that I lived 20 years of my life in as, in fact, a real place. A visitable place.

So please, give it some consideration. And if you find yourself travelling the Trans Labrador Highway, or hopping a ferry across the Strait of Belle Isle, don’t forget about my little town that you ‘liked’. Because you truly don’t want to miss it.



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