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No dismay, just a play on words for how us coastal locals say ‘this’ haha… Not a lot to report today but I had to make a record of how May went in photos. Promise I’ll write more next month, celebrating 7 years of blogging! 🙂 M.

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That time I fed a bear.

Heartsongs: sometimes it’s just a really fucked up rhythm. Always going after what it wants no matter the consequences, then doubting, then regretting, then making peace, settling, being happy, wondering, and maybe even turning back to regret. Heartsongs, no two are alike. But isn’t that the beauty of it? It’s been almost a full month…

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small harbour

color me atavistic i can fit here beside these bottles – these knives open up your lonely eyes we will not be pardoned by sunlight instead the valley of sea salted bones of those before who knew the way of kindness of necessity you drew them out and bled them dry now white washed houses…

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Faded Tattoos

I used to think that being passionate about something was all that you needed to get by. I wish my eyes weren’t open to the fact that this is no longer the truth. Seeing is believing, and I’ve seen that I can’t afford (mentally, financially) to keep living as I do. If you’re wondering why…

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Crow Songs

The crows converse behind my house beating their wings against the orange sky a puff of breath a trestle of twigs they tell the truth in humor, they sing. M.  

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The day before..

My birthday. It’s tomorrow. — So what can I say? As a writer and photographer I was deeply saddened by the events in France this week – and at the same time – tremendously proud to see the gathering for peace that followed. The pen is mightier than the sword. Here’s a few images from the past week.…

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Bring it on down

Soundtrack: 90-Mile Water Wall – The National Wow, I am actually ashamed that it has taken me so long to write a blog post; sorry! It’s a massive snow day in Goose Bay, it’s nearly 1pm and my road isn’t cleared yet so it looks like I’m snow bound. Here’s a few shots from the…

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