Thanksgiving. Ironically enough, the thing I’ve always been the most thankful for is the thing that always seems to be the greatest distance away from me during Thanksgiving. Family. I miss being with my parents, my aunts, and my grandmother. This year especially though, I miss my grandfather. Though he wasn’t that vocal about this holiday in particular there was always a sense of peace given to sit and observe him while he ate his Turkey dinner and pondered many thoughts while staring out the kitchen window.

This Thanksgiving I became especially jealous of not being around my family. Mom uploaded photos to her facebook of the large Turkey dinner she cooked for her, dad and two of her friends. I set the photo that someone took of her and dad together behind the kitchen table full of food as my desktop background, now everytime I close a window I feel hungry and sad, haha.

Aaron and I drove out to Maidstone today, beautiful spot, though I don’t reccomend going there while the wind is strong and blowing off the water. That’s what it was like today; I discovered that there’s a majorly unpleasant smell of cow…..stuff. After a while you kind of get used to the smell, but to newcomers like Aaron and I..eghhh. It sucks trying to take photos through a car window too haha.

Here’s some photos anyway!

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2 responses to “Maidstone”

  1. I think the hardest part of holidays when you ‘ re away from home is missing family. Ours is stretched from NL to Alberta – I miss my siblings especially during holidays – the noise and bustle and the bantering and teasing. And I miss my son and my daughter but it makes our the times we are together all the more precious. I am thankful for family – for all I have learned from them and for all I continue to learn.

  2. Yes, Mandy and Carol, I agree that during the “family” holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter we miss our dear ones the most. I does not miss my family during Halloween… My mother is sending me photographs as well. I feel that they love me. They know that I love them too…

    It is a very nice post, Mandy. Sounds like a little story. Story that everybody can understand and relate to.

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