One Fifth Avenue

Even though I posted just a few days ago it seems like forever since I’ve been on this blog. I have a job now at a newspaper until I begin second year Journalism. I’ve been on the mac all day so I’m not entirely thrilled about being on the computer again now that I’m home. But I really did feel like blogging. Bonus: I bought food from the deli for supper so I had less dishes to do, and now that the dishes are out of the way, I can read.

What am I reading? Candace Bushnell’s One Fifth Avenue. To be honest I’m finding it kind of snooty. I read it with the hopes that I’d get more of a Sex and the City feel from it, but 4 chapters in it feels like the Great Gatsby (or what I read of it! didn’t finish!) But I do plan on reading the rest, it’s intriguing enough for me to keep going.

Let’s talk about cell phones. There’s only one cell service provider residing in the Stephenville area. You can get a phone from a different retailer in Corner Brook and get a Stephenville number, but if you have issues with the phone you have to make the 45 minute trip out to Corner Brook.

Lately I’ve been wanting a BlackBerry Torch. I’ve done some research on the phone and I feel that it would fit my needs, but the thought of paying $50 (plus taxes) per month for the most basic phone plan makes me kind of nauseous. I mean seriously, why does it have to be that pricey? And is there an alternative for the person who only wants to ‘occasionally’ post a status update to facebook, or ‘occasionally’ drop a tweet? I haven’t found that option yet. No, all I’ve found is full packaged deals. Honestly, I wouldn’t use my phone for long distance calls, and probably very few local calls. I like texting & updating social media sites. Where’s “My” phone?

Well that’s enough chit-chat from me, I’m going to go pick up where I left off with One Fifth Avenue – I think Annalisa is about to hook up with Billy.

2007 me, in love with the Dropkick Murphys. I missed them in St. John's this past Monday playing at the George Street festival. Being poor sucks.
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