Easter rocks

A little project that Aaron and I completed last night. Again, using beach rocks. There’s so many things you could make by just reusing materials that you can find outdoors. They’re cute, they would make a nice gift, and they help you bond with the person you’re making them with.

Materials required:

Beach stones, rounded/egg shaped, best if white or light grey

Paint, crafter’s paint from the dollar store works best, and it’s cheap!

Paint brushes, pretty much any kind would do! but you can get some decent ones at the dollar store

Dead grass, hey, it’s what the best nests are made of!

Fake birds, (optional!), I got them from the dollar store, two on a card

Decorative bowl, any old bowl will do. I just got a cheap dollar store bowl with fancy patterns on the side

Imagination! that’s free! or you can probably find some inspiration from Google Images by typing in “Easter Eggs”

A friend 🙂 everything’s better with company.

Have fun making something with your friends this Easter. The best gift is the gift of love & sharing.





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