Take back the Night

I have never been more proud to be a woman then I am right now.
I just got back from the “Take back the Night” rally & march. It’s a womens rally that fights ‘violence against women’. I went at first to do work for the paper I’m writing, I didn’t intend on staying because I wasn’t feeling very well. Once I got there and talked to the leader of the group I felt like it was something I would regret not doing later.

As I was marching down main street amongst the crowd of about 45-50 women, the cops were in front of us with their lights and sirens on, the rain was pouring down my face, people were singing… I have never felt more alive. I think I cried the whole way down main. It just made me feel so alive, like I was doing something that was going to be important to me for years to come!

If you ever get the chance to do something like this, you have to go for it.. you would not believe how good it makes you feel to know that you are standing up for all the women who can’t stand up for themselves or are afraid to.. you’re saying, “yes, you can fight back, there are people who will support you, I’m one of those people.”

I talked to a number of women down there who told me their story of what the walk meant to them, and honestly, theres no harm in saying that ‘everyone has a story, everyone has SOMEthing’.. there are so many women from so many different walks of life who feel the same but are just afraid to speak. I’m going to keep going to these things, and get involved everywhere I can.

I am so glad I am a Journalist.

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