IMG_1698Hi James. If you’re reading this I just wanted to let you know that your water trick didn’t work. Well, it did, right up until my last 20 minutes in the air.

I kept thinking – water is wiggly, it’s smooth, it’s flowy. Be smooth. Flow with the plane.

Nope. Not working.

Jello! Jello is giggily, it’s moves but is still sorta solid – like people! Yes! Think about Jello!


Cherry Jello.

Lime Jello.

Grape Jello. No, I don’t like grape.

Cherry Jello.

Cherry Jello.

OMG. OMG. OMG. Jello!! *insert turbulence here*


Let’s just say it didn’t work.

Thanks though 🙂 Nice try!

Enjoy the rest of your stay on Labrador’s north coast.


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