Every NYE brings the thought of what I accomplished that year, and what I look forward to continuing the next day with the start of a new year. I stopped making resolutions because all that does is pick away at the things that you could be better at, instead of acknowledging all the good that you do. I try to put a positive spin on it, I call it my congratulations list.

  • Poetry reading at the Town Hall x 2 during National Poetry Month
  • My dad gave me a skidoo!
  • Joined the Melville Public Library board as an ordinary member in May, was made vice chair in June, and chair in November.
  • Featured in Canadian Geographic’s 150 Ultimate Canadian Instagram Book
  • Got a new tattoo to commemorate my 10 year friendship with my best friend Douglas.
  • Visited my hometown several times (more than usual!)
  • Celebrated 7 years of blogging at Color of Outdoors
  • Increased responsibilities at work, a new position

More to be added as I think about it…


The Congratulations Project

Every January 1 millions of people make ‘resolutions’ for the upcoming months of the new year. Last year I had the idea that instead of making ‘resolutions’ we should make ‘congratulations.’ You see, a resolution is a means of ‘resolving’ something – pointing out that you have this problem you have to work on. Way to jump to the negative, people! So I proposed the thought of narrowing in on the positive; a ‘congratulations to self.’

Reflecting on your 2016, what are some positive things that you did or were apart of that brought out the good in your life? We all know 2016 has been pretty rough globally, but let’s go grass roots. The root of the root; you.

My 2016

– Became friends with the local Librarian who supplies me with endless knowledge in the form of free books of poetry.
– Travelled out of province for the first time to Nova Scotia.
– Successfully said “no” to at least 75% of things that I would have questioned my answer on before today (growing is awesome).
– Really refined my writing, I think I have a handle on my ‘style’ at this point.
– Keeping on top of finances. I struggle with ‘debt-brain’ all the time. While I know everyone accumulates debt in their lives, I find it mentally so straining. I am learning to budget better and it’s working.
– Indulged in more creative work. I love making things, whether it’s a painting or repairing something or experimenting with make up.
– Made a friend who has really opened up my mind and made me a better and more understanding person. Thank you Amrit for being completely yourself, and involving me in your journey to becoming a Canadian citizen.
– Received an emerging artists grant from Northern Public Affairs magazine and had two poems and two photographs published.
– Photography featured in Inside Labrador magazine.
– Celebrated 6 years of blogging!
– Read my poetry at the Happy Valley Goose Bay town hall to celebrate National Poetry Month.
… list to be continued as I remember more!



First of all – Happy New Year! I hope you had a great time last night ringing in the new year with friends and/or family. Or family friends. Or your dog.

2014 felt like it dragged on forever, didn’t it? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. I had a pretty big year though – lots of things happened:


IMG_3935When I look at what I did last year I have to say I’m quite proud of my accomplishments. They are all real, human, attainable things. In 2014 I made a more conscious effort to be healthier, and it worked! I am cooking new things, experimenting outside of the meat and potatoes lifestyle I was used to. Kale has become my favorite food (I’m still very guilty when it comes to bacon though, haha.) Plus, I have fallen in love with biking more than anything else! It makes me feel amazing.

I have so much to be thankful for in life. Some days are quite overwhelming, but then the next morning comes and it’s a chance to start over. Do something different. Think something different. Improve.

For 2015, I’m not going to set a resolution yet again, but rather, a general sense of responsibility. To lead the best life that I can, I’m going to keep on eating well and biking. I’m going to treasure the relationships I have, and remember that each day is a new chance to do something different. I will not settle.

Love always,


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