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Bring it on down

Soundtrack: 90-Mile Water Wall – The National Wow, I am actually ashamed that it has taken me so long to write a blog post; sorry! It’s a massive snow day in Goose Bay, it’s nearly 1pm and my road isn’t cleared yet so it looks like I’m snow bound. Here’s a few shots from the…

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Forgive my absence, here’s a few photos from my time away. Happy Valentine’s Day. Love always, M.

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In Loving Memory.

Today was my pop’s birthday, he died in 2011. I still miss him everyday, and it’s especially hard when I’m home for the holidays. Today my Dad and I went for a boil-up at Black Hill Pond, I never officially ‘declared’ it, but I wanted to do it in memory of my pop and all…

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seriousness of condition.

When I saw it I think my heart stopped beating For a second, My face was warm; heart rattled. I saw a ghost. These little treasures are no comparison To a warm body, To a friendly smile. I saw a ghost. Is it easy for you? Holding a glass over the flame, I’m burnt out.…

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