Snow beach

Going to skip the big rant today and just upload some pics. I’m off to study for Midterms! Hope you’re all having a good weekend.


Snow day

Seems an appropriate title for such a gloriously white, free from school, nothing to do – type day.

Here’s some snaps. Check ya later.


It’s summer on the inside
Option 1 for snow day activity
Option 2 for snow day activity
Option 3 for snow day activity
Luke’s pissed, he can’t go outside.
Ratchet n’ Clank
*window swishing sound*

Singin’ in the snow

Today marks the very first snowfall of the season in Stephenville Crossing. Not a lot went on today besides some Christmas shopping and cooking – just the way I like it.

I’m going to be cramming all day tomorrow, I have to prepare a presentation (which I haven’t started yet) for my Political Science class.

Regretfully I haven’t got much to say tonight. Here’s a picture to make up for lost words.

dis is teh face of sum one unimpressd. rememberz it.