In closing…

A part of me feels like 2015 flew by, and part of me feels like it dragged on forever. It has come time for me to reflect upon the years accomplishments, as I do every year at this time (although this time without the whiteboard because I gave it away!).

Things to be proud of in 2015:

  • Strength training. While I admit I have lacked in that department for the past 1.5 months, I am picking it up again very soon. It’s a great feeling to gradually build up your strength. I could not believe what my body was capable of until I started doing it.
  • Participating in MyCanadaFilm. A documentarian put a call out for video submissions that reflect traditional lifestyles of Canadians all across our great nation. The resulting video for my town has a great amount of my footage! 🙂
  • Relationships. This is kind of an odd one to include in the list, but I feel like it’s important. I’ve tried, failed and learned in a couple of different personal relationships this year. I’ve made new friends and subsequently removed some from my life. “People inspire you, or they drain you – pick them wisely.” – Hans F Hansen.
  • Photography. Some of my pictures were featured in a gallery showing at the Lawrence O’Brien Arts Centre with the Tamarack Camera Club.
  • Photography 2.0. Some of my pictures were also featured in a slideshow in partnership with the great pianist Sarah Hagen. Here’s the slideshow.
  • Celebrated 5 years blogging. From Travelling Infinity to Color of Outdoors – it has been a thought-provoking journey.
  • Poetry. I took an online course over 6-weeks called “How Writers Write Poetry.” It was an extreme privilege to participate in this free course that introduced me to many terrific writers, and gave me some excellent insight into how I write and how I can write better.
  • Workshops. Participated in photography workshops run by my former instructor, Jeff Ducharme. It was great to see Jeff again and re-learn some old photo techniques and reapply them!
  • Bouncing. Weird title, right? For a time (July to October) I stepped wildly outside of my comfort zone and was a bouncer at one of the local bars. I didn’t entirely ‘hang up my shirt.’ It’s still in my closet and I’ll bring it out again on the occasional Friday night 🙂
  • New Tattoo!

In closing… here’s to 2016 being our best year yet. Enjoy these northern lights photos that I took tonight!

Love always,


Sixteen things I wish I knew (or did) when I was a teenager.

Things I wish I knew (or did) when I was a teenager:

1. You lived so close to school, you should have walked or biked there more.

2. Soft drink is shit.

3. You should have spoken up more, you had great ideas.

4. Guilt is a slow and silent killer – do your best and move on.

5. Try harder in math class. You open up so many more opportunities if you can at LEAST do long division (luckily, 2+2 is still 4…. right?)

6. Stop listening to garbage music. You did good there at the end of it though, glad you got over boy bands.

7. Run. Just run until you get tired, and then pick it up again.

8. Don’t be bothered by trivial matters at home. People have their bad days, but they don’t have bad lives. Be supportive but don’t break yourself in the process.

Things I’m glad I did when I was a teenager:

1. Stayed away from drugs/alcohol. So I wasn’t “cool” in school. My life turned out okay, so did I.

2. Spent a lot of time outdoors. Nature is the greatest de-stressor.

3. Took care of a dog for 10+ years. You can learn so much by caring for something other than yourself.

4. Started writing. Even if no one elses eyes will ever see those pages, do it. Finding out who you are is a lot easier if you read what flows from your own pen.

5. Had (and still have) best friends. They are invaluable.

6. Spent a lot of time with my parents. Life is short. Appreciate people who are good to you.

7. Stuck with jobs even though they were the “WORST THING EVARRR.” You learn something from everything you do, whether it’s not take any crap or to give credit where credit is due.

8. Learned the value of saying “I’m sorry.” It’s just as much for you as it is for them.

Love always,


Just around the bend

One week.

We have just one week of regular classes before exams start on April 18. Graduation is April 26. Labrador home-coming is April 27. I can hardly believe it.

All those times I cursed at stories and research papers are coming to an end. People will go back to their towns and cities and gradually we’ll forget about each other. I know this because of experience, this is my third go-around in college. The thing about friends though, is that even if you lose touch there’s always a little part of them that goes with you wherever you are.

I’m going to miss my chats with Carol the most probably. And laughing at Steph and Jess and their “Hmmm..yes..yes” chin-whisker grabs and jokes. I’ll miss James’ sneezes that give you a mini-stroke. I’ll miss Mitch’s PHANTASMAGORIUM! rants. Melanie’s seal laugh. Gage’s know it all attitude. Megan’s what-is-she-wearing-today cool outfits. Don’s “FUCKING ADOBE” and “Hello?” computer conversations. And of course, Lynn’s “not being attached” philosophies. But I won’t miss the smelly newsroom.

Yes, it’s all coming to an end soon. These past two years have brought me some highs and lows but I guess everything has turned out as it should, and the future will unfold as it should as well. My positivity is on the climb.

Good luck to everyone, wherever you end up. Just know you’ve left a small mark on me, and I’ll keep it close forever. Cheers!


I also will not miss people’s shitty parking skills. Thanks red car.