Full Moon

This photo was taken August 20, 2005. At that time I had a Kodak EasyShare camera, 4.0 mega-pixels. So how did I get a detailed picture of the Moon? easy. I used a telescope that I had been given the previous Christmas. I just held (very steadily) the camera lens up to the eyepiece of the telescope, turned off the lcd screen, and took a number of photos until I got one I found jusssst right.

You don’t necessarily need a telephoto lens to mount on your camera as such, just an imagination and a steady hand. Try it sometime.

Bright green

Despite having a sore throat and what feels like an ear infection, I went to the beach today.  It was a warm 22’c and the breeze was just strong enough that I didn’t feel too warm. I forgot to mention last week that I bought a new camera. It’s a  Kodak point-and-shoot. 8x optical zoom. 14 megapixels. It does the job, and it’s compact enough for me to carry around in my purse and not feel like it’s weighing me down. Plus, I wouldn’t feel as bad if I were to break that one over my Rebel.

As I said, I’ve got a cold, so here are a few pictures from the beach. I would write more, but I feel like napping before I start cooking supper. Hope you all had a good weekend, here’s hoping we have a great work week too.


The beginning

I’m now attempting to do a 365 project, a combination of blogging and photographs. Sometimes there may be only photographs, sometimes only words. I will be moving in August, and attending Journalism school in September. My schedule may (who am I kidding! will!) get hectic, so bare with me if I miss out on a few things here and there. Best of luck for a great summer, now, let us begin our Journey.

This photo was taken today at 9:04 PM. I took my point-and-shoot Camera with me today, a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC W110. It does what it needs to, and it really captured the beauty of todays sunset. See you tomorrow.