meet me at my watery edges
cast your judgements aside
and find that you are free
there are no eyes on you
but mine
accept fate and all of its disclaimers
the distance between you and your desires
is a fleeting thought
amongst the rot of your doubt
cast your judgements aside
and breathe your deepest breath
the only thing holding you back
is you.



don’t lose this
don’t abandon these feelings
this life is non-renewable
so you can tell me
even if it’s just a whisper

there’s a noise we can’t place
feelings we can’t face
even if they are real
the details and the desire
living in revisions
don’t lose this



I learned from the girl

i learned from the girl that lives inside of me
saying no is harder than saying yes
being gentle takes practice
and hate is easier than love

i learned from the girl that lives inside of me
that somedays just being is a chore
that my thoughts are like a crossword i can’t finish
and extra effort is not always rewarded

i learned from the girl that lives inside of me
that there is no greater light than a reached goal
there is no greater love than self love
and a smile is often enough

i learned from the girl that lives inside of me
that i won’t always have the answers
that time will pass regardless of my schedule
and my best is all that is required



A┬ánatural cadence about it —
sometimes, the exact width of my patience.
I pencil you in indefinitely.
Let’s not make a racket.
It is always autumn in my heart
no matter what set of eyes meet mine.
We are different kinds of broken – none of us whole
(strength in numbers)
Someday I may tell you
that you are all of my Novembers
and that every November ends up breaking me
shaking down my soul
and eating me alive.
I hold myself together
writing free-verse poems
that don’t even feel free.


Katsek: wicked, cunning, malicious | Inuttitut.



Letting Letty Go

dreaming awake
if I gave you the deed to your life, would you [ab]use it?
all of this effort – all of this time
you were deceived when red meant go
counting all your green, forgetting those in between
don’t let my lantern be your only light

this deed certifies that you are the creator of your own happiness
now tidy your mind, it’s just good housekeeping.

It’s been six years here now, on Color of Outdoors (formerly Travelling Infinity… which curiously enough is now the domain for a travel website, go figure).

I haven’t been inclined to write or share lately, but now that I have my iMac back in working order perhaps I’ll try a little harder.

Hoping your summer is moving along well.