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  • The Ocean’s Soul

    The Ocean’s Soul

    The mist lingered on top of the water for 15 minutes longer today. He took another sip of coffee and rocked slowly in his chair on the front deck of the cottage they once coined their poets nest. He thinks back to a time when they would comb the shoreline every Friday for debris released…

  • Wet touch.

    Liquid lines around the shore; Wet touch. A stranger until we’re in danger. Light dances across the water – following a plane. Seven lights blink, not in sync, broken across the bay. The smell of tobacco stains the air. Breathing-in and out-heart unmatched; rhythm. Toe tapping. Gravel scraping. A headlight shines through the musk of…

  • New beginnings on old grounds.

    New beginnings on old grounds.

    Goose Bay is now my home base again. I’ve been here a couple weeks now and I’m only now getting around to blogging about it. To tell you the truth, it’s a little weird. Well, a lot weird. As you might know if you have followed my blog, I actually lived here for a couple…

  • Haze of glory

    Haze of glory

    Just a few photos from around town today, June 09, 2012.

  • Warm (a slideshow)

    Warm (a slideshow)

    Some call it hot. It got up past 28’c here today in St. Lewis, and it was WONDERFUL. I took some time to myself after doing housework and ventured down to Shoal Point and hiked around shore. Photographic evidence to follow.

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