Not a lot to say today, I’ve been swamped with homework, and right now all I want to do is relax (and sleep).

Here’s something I need you to do. Yes, you.


Click that link and you’ll be headed to a contest that could potentially send this Newfoundland Punk Rock band to Montreal to play with the best of the best in the punk world — yeah, that’s right, Warped Tour.

Now go do it.


People I wish I could meet

I knew from the time I woke up this morning that I had something to say; I just didn’t know what it was.

I have been doing a lot of soul-searching these past few days, I could probably write a book about how I ‘feel’ right now. But really, who has the time or attention span to listen to someone go on and on about their personal lives – besides a best friend that is — not a lot of other people give a *blank*.

So here I am with a simple list, telling you something I just wanted to say, for the sake of saying something.

People I wish I could meet –
In no particular order:

1. The managing editor of National Geographic, Lesley B. Rogers. Why? because I want a job there.

2. Every surviving member of Pink Floyd. Why? because I really want to express to them in words, actions and probably embarrassment, what “Wish you were here” means to me.

3. The founder of Post Secret, Frank Warren. Why? because what he introduced into peoples lives is so inexplicably amazing, he just needs a hug and a thank you from everyone.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio. ‘Nuff said.

5. Liam Neeson. I just want to hear him talk. About anything.

6. The person responsible for the disappearance of my 15-year-old dog, Kimo. If I ever find out what happened to him, they will pay.

7. Stephen Harper. Why? because I’m a Canadian citizen and I don’t know enough about Canadas politics.

8. My Art Technologies teacher from grade 12, Craig Goudie. You inspired me to keep going with my art, because it was, is, and always will be important.

9. My great grandparents. They passed away before I was born, I just wish I could have known more about where I came from.

10. The person I was in high-school. I wish I could sit her down and tell her to keep her head up, her heart straight, and her mind focused – because life gets better.

You’re never in the gutter with your eyes on the stars.


There’s no denying it, The Ramones paved the way for a lot of today’s Punk rock artists, and no doubt countless others. There’s still some argument as to whether they were the first Punk rock band, but without a doubt they were one of the most influential.

I was surprised and upset at the same time after watching this week’s past Grammy Awards. During the random roll credits that show Artists that either weren’t significant enough to be shown in the show-couldn’t make it to the show-or were deceased, that the Ramones actually won a Lifetime Achievement award—can I get a hell yeah?!

Someone somewhere is listening to “Sheena is a Punk Rocker” or rocking out to “Blitzkrieg Bop” right now…I’m also sure that somewhere a lone soul is singing “I wanna be Sedated.”

How many bands covered these great songs? I could probably name a dozen.

Some random facts about the Ramones? Yes, everyone loves random facts.

-None of the Ramones were actually related; they all adopted the name for the bands sake.

-The Ramones toured virtually non-stop for nearly 22 years.

-Debut album was released in February of 1976, self titled, Ramones.

– “I wanna be Sedated” is featured on the popular game, Guitar Hero.

Congrats to the Ramones! You have something tangible to show now for all the hard work you put into your music, you really kicked the asses of every one who thought you couldn’t make it.

In the word’s of Dee Dee Ramone,

“I’d like to congratulate myself, and thank myself, and give myself a big pat on the back.”

Yes, you should.

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