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1000 Julys

So that’s actually the name of a song I love by Third Eye Blind. Remember them? yeah, good times. So a lot has happened since my last post, which seems like eons ago! Where to begin.. So for years now, pretty much my whole life really, I’ve had strep throat frequently – way more than…

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Title totally inspired by the song that I’ve been singing all day – Otherside, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Here’s some snaps from this weekends road trip to St. Lewis. M.

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27 years

Today marks my parents 27th wedding anniversary. There have been some ups and downs, to which I can certainly vouch for, and may have been the cause of…but I know my parents are glued for life. Here are some things I enjoy about my parents. The way Dad says “Mudder, Mandy wants you” when I’m…

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This is my 91st blog post, and it’s almost been one full year since my very first one. What does this mean? it means that it was not in fact a 365 blog like I intended it to be, but I do believe it turned out pretty good. Jeez I can’t believe it’s the second…

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Hills Cove

This is where I come from, this is who I am. I was raised here until I was four years old. My parents were forced to relocate to St. Lewis, Labrador, so that I could get the medical attention I needed (I had seizures as a kid). They also wanted me to go to school…

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