worth the words

drowning in shallow water
it happens
sometimes, we’re just
the field of daisies, not the rose
bound tight in red velvet – thorns in
sometimes, we’re just
the length of soft white sacrifice
closing eyes and accepting the craving
the blame
the fever
we are a modern disaster
full of hopes and ever-afters
waiting for the golden blur – the interlude
buying into the dream
and I’m still deciding
if this was worth the words




It’s been one hell of a week.

Tuesday I was involved in a car accident and my SUV ended up being written off. So for now I’m vehicle-less (but have a rental for a couple of days). I’m thankful that I wasn’t hurt, albeit psychologically with the sight of trucks with snow blades attached to the front. I’m beginning to really hate winter.

So right now, as to not lose touch with this heart of mine, I just wanted to update Travelling Infinity. I’ve not forgotten you darling.



My Life On These Shelves

my life on these shelves
french-english dictionary

i tried to be the person i was before
but the pain wasn’t worth it
that’s not who i am anymore
i’m still figuring this out

my life on these shelves
black ink
woman of labrador, i think

i tried to be the person you deserved
but the pain wasn’t worth it
you’re not who you were anymore
i wish i had figured this out earlier

my life on these shelves
i’m still dipping in this ink well