Steel Belted Radio

Even on the worst of days, it seems like the radio always has something to offer. When I was a young child I remember hearing the radio in the background while my parents and I tried to sleep through the hot balmy nights on the coast. Until I was old enough for school we lived in a remote fishing village called “Hills Harbour” where there were only 3 houses, and 3 families.

I have a ton of memories from being ‘down along’ but none clearer then one particular night when I was sick. I had fever induced seizures growing up and this one night I was awake in bed while Dad strolled back and forth the kitchen, patrolling to make sure I was alright. I remember the front door being open all the way to let ‘fresh air in’. I could see out the doorway from the angle of my bedroom and there was a large boat out in the bay, I remember watching the lights flicker on the boat and hearing the radio in the background, something about the hum of an old guitar, the light breeze across the house, and those lights flickering across the way were so peaceful. It’s perhaps why I remember it so well. Whenever I turn on the radio I slip back into that memory and thank god for the way that I grew up, and that I had such great parents.

Even when I went to school, every morning the radio would be on to hear ‘the fisherman’s broadcast’. When I came home for dinner, it would be on again but I didn’t pay any attention to it at that point. To this day the radio still plays religiously in my parents home, I let out a laugh the last time I heard it because dad told me that he would be hearing me on there someday soon. I hope he’s right.

Whatever floats your boat

Nothing particularly amazing to post today, just got back from a walk/jog up on C-side with Aaron. It was nice outside tonight, despite the flies. We drove to the dock for a look afterwords and low-and-behold, the Northern Ranger was in. This boat was the only mode of transportation out of my hometown of St. Lewis up until 2003. Needless to say I made a good many trips back and forth the coastline on her. Funny how we refer to things as being either male or female right? thats a whole different topic however.

The second picture is my puddy cat Luke. He’s a little grumpy today because he got into a fight with another cat. Though most pictures he tends to ignore my camera lens, so this is nothing unusual lol.

Well it’s Friday so I’m going to kick back and enjoy this Pina Colada and watch a movie. Cheers!

Our home & native land

You know what’s awesome? CANADA is!! I LOVE this country, ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’ should be our slogan methinks. Canada is seriously the only country I would want to live in. Sure I want to travel pretty much everywhere worth travelling, but to really settle down it would have to be in Canada.

Here’s a small taste of my fireworks pictures from the Canada Day celebrations held today. I suffered a good many fly bites getting these so someone better appreciate them 😛

Fly away from here

So I’ve already discovered these blogs will not be coming every day, and won’t always have photographs in them. However, that being said, still feel free to come back and check the place out because when I do get around to it, you know it’s gonna be magic.

Yesterday Aaron and I headed down to the dock to feed the birds.. like we usually do when we find stale bread in the refrigerator. After they had eaten they lined up along the edge of the dock and continued to make those classic gull noises. I caught this cute couple as they had finished their serenade.

Hope everyone’s having a great week. Happy Hump day.