Tag: hopeful poetry


waiting for something that resembles gold when life is a whole lot of copper maybe tomorrow will be different when the sun breaks they call it dreaming but i’m most often awake to watch the clouds slide by and every second feels like i’m too late feeling my days slip away from the same point…

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Life Ablaze

Clouds ablaze, soft tissue Pink and scarred Floating Reminding me that life is Bigger Broader More settled with time. Moving mountains Burning bridges Are all a part of the movement The play pretend While we break and bend Doing our best to make amends Pink tissue in the sky Life ablaze On a July night.…

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I’m telling my story and though it may change every time it is mine. There is love in here that belongs to someone. Even on dark days I know this to be true. When life turns upside down and inside out I stand willing. Shoulders bare(ing) the depths of many, but the strength of one.…

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