Into a long December

First of all,

Yes, that happened! Hey Rosetta with a holiday album! I love it. I wish they would play a show in Goose Bay.

I had a pretty relaxing weekend. Lots of apple cider, time with friends, drives around town and writing. I did some painting and sketching too. Someone really needs to recommend an area of town I haven’t tackled yet for photography. I’m pretty sure middle dock/second dock is sick of seeing me. I did get something a little different today though.

All of my Christmas cards are ready for the mail. I’m not giving out as many this year. I also cut back on gift giving this year, just my parents and my best friend Savannah. Times are a little harder this year.  I wish it would snow, and snow, and snow.

I’ve added a few things under the poetry tab too, give’r a glance.


And I missed it.

Was going to attend my first ever live concert tonight at CSLC 2011 but I missed it.  Our Journalism class is in Corner Brook covering the Student Leadership Conference for Canadian youth that’s happening at the Pepsi Centre. Tonight  Hey Rosetta! and Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case are playing. I was massively looking forward to that show, but yesterday morning I had to take the bus back to Stephenville because of sickness.

I spent a chunk of last night in Emerg waiting to be prescribed some penicillin. I’ve been through this too many times to count. Ear infection and swollen tonsils; I think it’s about time that I just have the damn things removed. Tonsils that is, lol.

I wish I could be out there with the class, but I’ve put up with this ear and throat pain for weeks now and the night before I left was the tipping point; probably the worst pain I’ve ever had in my ears. Life.

Here’s a couple pics from what I did get to take in while in Corner Brook.


This was where I stayed for most of the week. Beautiful place, gorgeous view.
Our class went on a tour of the CBC building in Corner Brook.