Beautiful Lie

When we start questioning other people’s motives are we not just reacting to our own feelings? People do what they do to bring themselves happiness – be it temporary or long term. They do what they think is best. But don’t we all deserve to be a little selfish sometimes?
Sometimes I wonder what the inside of your mind must look like. Why do you do the things you do? And why do they matter to me? You challenge me, that’s why. You make me sit up and take notice. You’re like the teacher I am silently admiring from the back of the class.
My mind was chained down by doubt until you found all of my indiscretions and laid them out before me. I have a problem with ghosts; they’re all living in my head. I think we all have ghosts inside us, it’s when we let them out that it becomes a problem.
You’re just looking for new subjects – new muses. And I’m just looking for something that can facilitate this heart.
We are writing different stories, different pages, different lives.
Sometimes what we say and what we mean are completely different things.
Sometimes, it’s all just a beautiful lie.


Almost 800

My blog has almost hit the 800 hits mark, I’m very proud to have gotten this far since June. I do consider this amount to be an accomplishment, even though as a Journalist you kind of expect that ‘someone’ is reading your work. Looking at that hit counter on a regular basis and seeing that people ARE actually paying attention, is a great feeling. And at wordpress they don’t count your personal checking of the blog as a hit.. which is a bonus because I’m sure I obsess over this blog at least 10 times a day, haha.

So my fellow J-students Devin Lee and Kathryn Augot and I have decided to start a mutually beneficial online blog center of sorts… it’s called ‘Scratching the Surface’ as we are new Journalists doing just that. The website is yet to be fully put together, but it should be up and running by Monday. I’ll give you the link once everything is a go.

I’m really excited about this new venture. I feel that Devin and Kathryn, who have more experience then me, will do an awesome job with blogging and keeping everyone informed and entertained. I’m glad that I was invited along for the ride.

In other news..

Midterm exams start next week and I’m totally happy that the J-instructors decided that we wouldn’t be having regular classes in between our exams. AND, I also found out yesterday that the Journalism program will be getting three new Adobe suite CS5 equipped suites for editing our videos!! I think this is a sigh of relief for all of us lately as we’ve been packed with so much Broadcast work.

I wanted to mention one other thing before I stop this assortment of rants. A friend of mine saw that I was super stressed about money today and lent me 20 dollars. You might think, “Ok, what’s so significant about that?” well as my J-instructor Frank would say, I’ve buried the lead here.

The friend that lent me the money happens to be a woman who I haven’t talked to all that much since I moved here to Stephenville. After I sat down with her today and had lunch, which actually lasted over two hours, I learned so much about her. Because she lent me that twenty, and because we empathized with each other over money, we were able to really connect on a level that I haven’t experienced with anyone new in a long time.

I learned so much about this persons life, and it really came into clear view how everyone has a story. The thing that has been coming to mind a lot this past week is a song by Amanda Marshall that I haven’t listened to in ages.. “Everybody’s got a story (that can break your heart)”. I think the meaning of the song really speaks to the entire population, because you never know what someone is feeling underneath their smile, frown or blank stare. We all pass judgements almost uncontrollably even though we know inside that it’s not a good thing to do — it’s impulse. Once you sit down and talk to someone and really get to know them on a human level, everyone really does have a story that can break your heart.

So J-crew (haha, pun very much intended!), Devin & Kat, I hope we can all recognize this fact together and when we get out into the real Journalism world that we continue to grow and learn everyones stories, and bring out the best in people by being good Journalists.

That’s it from me for today. Have a great weekend.