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Sunday visions

It’s Sunday, July 30. I’m really having trouble believing how fast this summer is going by. Especially since lately I’ve been woken up by rain and crows cawing in the trees in the backyard (which I love by the way). Fall is the absolute best time of year and the last few days have been…

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Every night I go to bed and read And she is there, seemingly uncomfortable but dreaming and breathing Waiting for me to make a move or sound Hanging on the words “Grace” “Hungry?” “Outside!” Every night when I sit and read She’s there, warming my feet with the heat of her bones A mixed bag…

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Bring it on down

Soundtrack: 90-Mile Water Wall – The National Wow, I am actually ashamed that it has taken me so long to write a blog post; sorry! It’s a massive snow day in Goose Bay, it’s nearly 1pm and my road isn’t cleared yet so it looks like I’m snow bound. Here’s a few shots from the…

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