Mojo reunite

It’s been a while since I saw my best friend Jody, aka: Joder. She came to Goose Bay this weekend and we hung out for a while. We haven’t seen each other in 3 years, but it was just like we had never parted.  Jody is one of those people who you can be absolutely yourself with and never feel judged; she’s funny, smart, and beautiful. I hope it doesn’t take another three years for us to meet up again! Cheers Jo, missed you! xo

In other news, I spent Saturday morning live tweeting & taking photographs of the Great Labrador Canoe Race 2012. That was pretty cool, I’ll have some photos ready early this week for Destination Labrador’s flickr feed.

That’s it for now, I’m off to watch a movie, it’s been weeks since I had the time to sit back and take a moment for myself like that. Have a great week everyone 🙂

Day 8

My good friend Samantha with her daughter Sharla. It’s been a couple years since I saw her, we spent the day at the beach together. It was GREAT catching up 🙂

Poole and Molnar

My friend Jess has gone back to her hometown in Ottawa for the summer so I’m left with just memories and pictures until September. lol

Here’s something I made today featuring film pics of our last trip to the beach.

Man, I feel like a…

Try getting that song out of your head now!

(I’m sorry.)

Anyway, the point of that was to say that I feel extra feminine today, my friend Jess and I went to the salon and got our hair done. First time in a longgg time since I did that. I don’t recall ever going with a friend other then my mom. It was nice.

This is the end product:

Listening to: Suburban War – Arcade Fire