Plaid shirts and puffy vests

People are amazing. Each and every one of us on this earth is a story. That’s billions of books just scattered all over the world. It’s really too bad that so many of us judge and are judged by our covers.

You know who I envy? Those old ladies and gents in their beat up RVs, or long haul trucks who travel together. Their puffy vests and plaid shirts, and well worn boots. I bet they have led an interesting life.

This Thanksgiving weekend, I’m thankful for the ordinary.


Autumn or Fall, it’s the best of them all.

My weekend was spent driving. And driving. And now I’m almost out of gas. I took more photos this weekend then I have in a long time. I divided my day between Mud Lake road and C-Side. I’m test driving a new camera and I LOVE it. I’m definitely putting it on my ‘to buy’ list for tax time, haha.

Did anyone catch the harvest moon last night? It was amazing. I spent a good half an hour at the dock just sat down by my car looking at it. It was like one giant diamond in the sky. I didn’t bring my camera, so the only shot I have is through Instagram which is not nearly the same.

Well enjoy the photos, I might come back and write more later if I feel inspired. Going to get some star photos tonight if I can. Keep it real ❤