The new normal

A couple of weeks ago my Uncle wrote on my Facebook wall and said, “Life begins when fear ends.” This was a response to me posting and saying I had to make several flights to the north coast of Labrador. Visiting communities along the coast was not what worried me, I just really hate to fly.

But I did it. And yes, I did get sick! But it was worth every second. The people I met, the things that I saw, the things that my camera and recorder were able to capture…there are no words.

Now, I can’t share any of this with you as it was a work project. BUT, I can show you the video that I made with the material I captured.

I let myself be okay with everything that was happening around me. I put down any and all guards and said, “Okay, let’s do this.”

I also produced this video back here on the ground. The ending terrified me a little, not gonna lie.

And today, today something completely unexpected happened. I went to the store to buy soap. Yes, soap. Please read on so that you don’t just think I’m a dirt bag. So I went to get soap, then once I did a little shopping I decided to go for a drive. I drove down to Terrington Basin (known as ‘the dock’ to Goose Bay residents), and when I got there I saw a work colleague out on the ice snow sailing. And well, this happened:


So you see, life outside of the comfort zone really isn’t that bad. I’m not saying I’ll be skydiving. But I won’t be pissing away my time in my bedroom anymore either.

Until next time.


Old habits die hard

The title is a reflection of what I consider the current state of the fishery to be. It doesn’t take much to see how devastating the blows have been on workers and harvesters alike with so many closures, but it is so much the way of life for people around here, it will not soon be  forgotten, nor should it be.

This album will be similar to what you have seen two posts ago, except it was a much prettier day today. The following photos are from ‘Fox Harbour Slip,’ the dry dock that everyone in town uses for their boats, big and small.