Strange Disease

My hand shaped the smoke that blushed from your face
You’ve got a strange disease
You made me sick with your ragged, saucy ways
You made me crave your smile
What I wouldn’t do to breathe in your words
And sit quietly
Masking all desire
Here we are floating
In an imaginary haze
The colour in my cheeks
Give away my intentions
Boy I need an intervention
You’ve got a strange disease
And I
Have caught


Not for you.

You and I may not rhyme –
But we are my favorite words.


I felt a little philosophical today as I was driving home from St. Lewis. That usually happens when I’m driving, and this time I just decided to record my thoughts as I was driving rather than stop and write it down (or just forget). I was thinking about relationships, and how people change when they join themselves with another person. We all say we won’t change, that we’ll still be the same person. But we do change. Life becomes about that person, our opinions change, our values change to fit that person’s needs and wants.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this with an entirely negative cast. I’m just saying it happens. Observing, if you will.
I kept mauling over the same thoughts in my head.. about being on a constant quest to find someone who fits into our lives. Is that what we’re living for? Is that what I’m living for?

Maybe it’s time to stop looking and just…be.