Ten day shuffle

It’s been ten whole days since I posed a blog. Clearly there must be a lot of stuff going on in my life, right? haha. Well I’ve been studying pretty hard for exams; conquered two today, Newfoundland History and International Issues. I found NL History quite difficult, but I’m pretty sure I passed it anyway. International Issues I feel pretty confident about, at least an 80 for sure.

Like I said, I’ve been doing a lot of studying – other then that, cleaning my house and wrapping Christmas presents. I can’t wait until Thursday afternoon – I’ll be free for Christmas holidays! Aaron may still have to work on Friday so I’ll be sticking around for a while and we’ll be driving to Pasadena and spending the night there with my Aunt & Uncle, and my parents who travelled in to Corner Brook for a night.

I have two more exams tomorrow, Internet Journalism and Reporting & News Writing. I don’t anticipate Internet Journalism will be overly hard, but I’m going to study my butt off anyway; you can never be too careful.

I’ll leave you with that, dear reader. When you hear from me again it will be from Labrador, I’ll be writing on my moms swanky new computer and wishing it were mine lol. Oh the joy of having work and being able to pay for things.

Catch you later – from the Big Land.


College day

Our class and every other class in the D.S.B. Fowlow Building (as far as I can tell) had College Day today. Basically C.D. is for high school students, all day we were promoting the Journalism class and trying to convince them that this is what they want to do when they graduate. Were we successful? who knows, I guess we’ll see next year.

After that was over we were let out from classes early. It was a beautiful sunny day for once, so we headed down around the Port au Port/Cape St. George loop. What a gorgeous spot out there, every little town along the way has it’s own kind of charm. I especially liked Piccadilly for whatever reason lol.

Here’s a couple pics from the drive.

Breaking the rules

I’m going to break the rules a little today and talk about my experiences with school.

I have always been what some term as an ‘over-achiever’.Β I’m used to getting high 80s (88 is my lucky number!) and even some mid 90s, but I just can’t seem to face the fact that I only have a 70 average in Writing Fundamentals.

It’s getting to the point now that I’m actually editing my speech, what I say in chat boxes, and quite literally causing LONG pauses in my thought process because I’m afraid to make a grammatical or punctuational error. This. Is. Frustrating. (that one was on purpose!)

I did however get a super good average in Photojournalism. ONE HUNDRED. Yep, you read right, even I can’t fathom that fact.

Anyways, I have some homework to do right now to keep up with these killa grades. Here’s a pic from one of my assignments I have to work on tonight for Photoj. This picture is of the ceiling in the lobby of the CNA Campus in Corner Brook. The photo is an example of converging lines.