Hell on high heels

Yes, that’s a Motley Crue song.

I bought these shoes today,  could have quite possibly just bought them cuz I had a photo idea in my head (hey, it’s a nine dollar prop, so shoot me!)

Anyways, tomorrow marks my first day back to school in a total of 5 days. I’m actually anticipating it, getting back to ‘reality’ as it is. I was sick for 3 solid days, only to recover fully today – Sunday.  First thing I have to do is get my ass in gear and work on a video project for Broadcast class.

Here’s some visual aids. Check ya later.


My favorite part about studying is the study break

I just finished writing up 6 pages of Broadcast notes. I plan on attempting to write up some Political Science as well, but Glee starts in less than 10 minutes so I doubt that will be happening.

I talked to Aunt Lucy tonight, she sounds like she’s getting better physically; mentally, not so much. I know there’s a lot on her shoulders and I would not want to be in her position, hell, I don’t even want to be in my position. It’s hard accepting that my grandfather is going to end up in a home while he’s still so alive in his mind.

I’m trying my hardest not to think about these things during exam week, but how can you not? Family means the world to me, and I would gladly leave this program right this minute if my family were to be in such a state as to ask me to do so.

One piece of good news, our Christmas formal is tomorrow night. I don’t feel the greatest about going, but I have been looking forward to this event since school started in September.  I hope to actually be able to relax and have a good time without having a miniature panic attack or something.

Anyways, tonight I will be blessing you with a picture of my beloved cat, Luke. I know, I know, he gets on here fairly often, but this picture is damn cute!