New beginnings on old grounds.

Goose Bay is now my home base again. I’ve been here a couple weeks now and I’m only now getting around to blogging about it. To tell you the truth, it’s a little weird. Well, a lot weird. As you might know if you have followed my blog, I actually lived here for a couple of years before moving to Newfoundland to pursue Journalism school. Now I’m back here in the big land working. I’m the social media coordinator for Destination Labrador.

I’m on a computer pretty much the whole day Monday-Friday so I took a little time away from the screens today to go for a drive. I visited some old stomping grounds, everything’s the same, just seeing it through fresh eyes.

Here’s some pics. Til next time!




Day 12

My Dad, my Aunt Lucy and I went out to check my Aunts Salmon net today. While we were approaching the net a salmon swam right in. Those fishies are very fiesty! I managed to catch the bugger making a fuss a few short seconds after we spotted him.

Sea of no cares

I set my boat out on a sea of no cares today. We finally FINALLY have an apartment. The damage deposit has already been paid so no one can take this away from us. It’s just had complete renovations done on it, everything’s new, price is good, and it’s only about 10 min walk from the college. We are happy with it.

Speaking of boats, here’s a picture from this afternoon. Nothing too special, just a little blog filler. Happy Friday!

Precious cargo

Not a lot to report today, we still haven’t solidified a place. I’m actually waiting on a call right now, I’ve been talking to a lady off and on all day about a 2 bedroom place near the college. Someone else is supposed to be looking at the place tonight and if she doesn’t take it (pleeeease don’t!) then it’s ours. Cross your fingers AND toes!

These pics are from a time today that I wasn’t worrying, just enjoying the breezy air and not-so-hot-as-yesterday sun. Thar she blows!