My Life On These Shelves

my life on these shelves
french-english dictionary

i tried to be the person i was before
but the pain wasn’t worth it
that’s not who i am anymore
i’m still figuring this out

my life on these shelves
black ink
woman of labrador, i think

i tried to be the person you deserved
but the pain wasn’t worth it
you’re not who you were anymore
i wish i had figured this out earlier

my life on these shelves
i’m still dipping in this ink well


I wrote a book.

I know right? I can hardly believe it either. But here it is. It’s called “black ink.” and it’s a collection of poetry I wrote over the years. I haven’t decided if I want to make it available to buy yet, I just published and printed one for myself so far.  Scratch that. Here it is! It’s kind of exciting.. I couldn’t wait to get home from work to open the package. Actually, I didn’t wait… I opened it up in the liquor store parking lot and cried while I read it.

Haha. That in itself is a little poetic don’t you think?

More new material later, I need to dust off my creative side, it’s been dormant for a week while I was recovering from both a stomach bug and a head cold (which is not quite gone yet).



PicMonkey Collage

Anatomy of Ink

Strange concepts;
parallel hearts
not necessarily in love – but knitted with purpose.
These streets and buildings turn us inside out,
put rot in our heads.
We are solid in our bones and in our ways.
the fold
and separating at Atlas C1.
Trying to conceal our humanity
with vanity.
Do not forget how it’s done
You can borrow my pen if you need to understand
the anatomy of ink.