A big month.

This month was pretty big, all things considered. I turned 33. I moved into a new apartment with two of my friends, in an area of town I very much enjoy. And, if you’re into weather watching at all, holy hell did we ever get a lot of snow.

Dad and his friend Lar drove from Fox Harbour to Goose to bring up some things for the new place, which included a stove (range) that my Aunt donated to the cause, a kitchen table, boxes of my dishes that I haven’t seen since 2012 and a big collection of my Christmas decorations. Pretty well everything that I had back at home that was mine. Now I have everything I own here for the most part.

My coworkers Darcy, Raymond, Patrick and Todd were super helpful with my move. I mean, I am good with heavy lifting, but these guys are pros. Thanks to my boss for lending a cube van, we were able to move all of my stuff in one shot. And that thing was prettttty packed. I’m so thankful for dependable friends.

My previous landlord gave me chairs for the kitchen table that was given to me by my mom & dad, and the landlord also gave me a used couch. My roommates and I went 1/3 on a kitchen fridge, a washer and a dryer. Our apartment is a mix mash of second hand items, but I’ve got to say it really feels ‘homey’ to me. I brought along a couple of chairs for the living-room that I thrifted over the years. Our space is probably more 70s/80s looking in terms of style right now.

It’s nice living up here, there’s SO MUCH light coming in through the whole apartment, the only thing that is taking some adjustment is snow clearing. I haven’t had to do my own for a few years now, and this winter we’re having record-breaking snowfall here in Goose Bay and it’s not even our “snow month” (March) yet. It’s gonna be a bad time.

I also turned 33. Yeah. My dad happened to have been in town on the 12 to bring down my stuff, so my birthday and my move in day happened all at once, and this was the first time since I was in high school that Dad got to spend my birthday with me. I’m working on a keto lifestyle, but I’ll be honest, we had Mary Browns and a slice of red velvet cake for dessert, because you only turn 33 once and my dad only comes to town like twice a year. #noregrets

I did not make a post on January 1 like I have done in the last few years. Typically I write a post that summarizes my accomplishments of the previous year, with a positive spin on what I hope for the year ahead. To be very honest, I’m not in the headspace. I’ve been feeling really….weird.. lately. I wouldn’t call it depression, but I definitely don’t feel like myself. I am trying to figure out how to fix whatever this is, and the keto lifestyle is helping a little as I am losing weight and becoming more physically healthier as I try and work on the mental part too.

Hope you’re all well, I’ll be back again soon.





You’re only as old as you feel. I feel 16. I feel like I’m the same kid that stargazed in the snow on the side of a mountain with her best friend, until midnight, with a Yamaha Venture running board for a pillow and a husky-sheppard mix keeping watch.

Today I turned 30 years old. For a time I thought that today would be depressing. A major turning point. The point of comparison; me vs. the married with offspring.

I was wrong.

I feel today like I did yesterday, and the day before, and every day leading up to today. Age is just a number, and comparing your journey to another’s is completely arse-farmas as my pop would say. (It means backwards)

Much love,


Chocolate cake

Today is Aaron’s 25th birthday. I made him a great two-tier chocolate cake which I will attach a picture of. I gave him new 30% brighter low beam bulbs for his car, he wanted them for a while now and I thought it would be more practical to get him something like that then to waste money on another Nintendo DS game.

I have to write a story by Thursday, just a first draft, for the second edition of our newspaper the Troubadour. I remain kind of stuck as to my topic.. I have it there but I can’t quite write out what I have in my head, the words are just not forming the way I like. I feel like it’s going to be a ‘fluff’ piece, not really that newsy. Part of me really hates that. It’s just that there’s been so much stuff going on in my life here lately I can’t focus clearly on writing. ┬áIt all comes with practice I guess (or at least hope).

Midterm exams start on the 14th, I have a video assignment due that week as well. Anyone have any ideas as to what a young person might find interesting here in Stephenville? No? didn’t think so. I’m having difficulties finding something to do, I guess that’s to be expected when there are 13 Journalists trying to feed on news that happens in a town of about 7000 people.