What do you do when you can’t talk?

You blog.

I’ve spent the past two days living in my bathroom. I have the “common cold” but it sure as hell seems to be freak show to me, I wouldn’t call this common by any means.

While I’m sick, Aaron is trying his best to take care of me… he’s done everything but sing me “soft kitty.”

I’m supposed to have a mock conference tomorrow to practice my writing skills, I feel like an ass but I’m fairly certain I won’t be able to make it. I can’t talk, I’m sweating bullets just sitting here typing and my nose is kinda rudolph-like.

Obviously I haven’t taken any photos — nothing seems appealing when you’re sick.

Here’s a video instead, soft kitty for those of you who are familiar with Big Bang Theory. Seein’ as how Aaron refuses to sing it 😛

Twenty five

It’s my birthday today, big ol’ 25. My classmates gave me a nice card with all their sig’s on it, and some great cookies. My good friend Jess gave me a tiny digital camera on a keychain, Savannah made me an awesome video, and Aaron gave me season 3 of Big Bang Theory (yesss!) and made me a delicious cake, or should I say, cakes lol.

I don’t look impressed here but I can assure you that I am, lol.

Ok, this was supposed to be posted last night, I guess that’s what you get for drinking Crown & Coke while blogging.