Travelling Infinity is four years old!

Feeling rather proud today that my awesome little blog is turning four! 🙂 I honestly did not think that I’d make it four years; truthfully, I figured I wouldn’t last a couple months. But I’m very proud that I’ve gotten this far and I have no plans in stopping. This blog has brought me so many great opportunities (like this one) and sharing my photography with you, as well as my writing, is something I’m quite proud of.

Here’s to another four years!

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Full circle

Shine a little light on me.
Shine a little light on me.

It wasn’t until I went for a drive tonight to fuel up ‘the Beast’ that I thought about what I could write today. This day, three years ago,was my very first blog post on Travelling Infinity. So very much has changed since that day.

I started off doing a photo-a-day thing, which ultimately failed miserably. Then I decided, just to take some pressure off myself, that I would blog only when I felt I had something interesting to say/show. This proved to be a good plan as I’m still here today – with one award under my web-belt, and countless times where this little slice of the Internets has been my best form of therapy.

So I’ll end where I began.. at the lights of uptown Goose Bay, wondering what my next day is going to hold.

Today was also momentous for another reason – today was my last day at my first job since graduating journalism school. I learned so much during my time at Destination Labrador.. I met so many wonderful people and went places I hadn’t imagined I’d go. I start on a new adventure this Monday as a web manager for one of Labrador’s most popular outfitting/fishing companies.

Looking back at where I was three years ago I certainly didn’t see this coming. I saw myself in the mirror as the housewife, the mechanic, the chubby girl with no confidence. I moved away and launched myself into a world of uncertainty, just hoping that things would turn out alright. And though I went through a hell of a time trying to keep my sanity, I’m glad I’m still here.

I’m glad I remembered that mantra I made for myself in high school, about not giving up, about travelling infinity no matter what it takes you through.


27 years

Today marks my parents 27th wedding anniversary. There have been some ups and downs, to which I can certainly vouch for, and may have been the cause of…but I know my parents are glued for life. Here are some things I enjoy about my parents.

The way Dad says “Mudder, Mandy wants you” when I’m done talking to him on our regular phone chats.

The way Mom pulls herself together and manages to ignore Dads annoying habits.

The way I feel, and others feel, when walking through the porch door. No one is a stranger in moms and dads house.

The way Dad says he doesn’t like something mom cooks, but eats two and a half plates full anyway.

The way Mom gives presents and puts from “Mom and Dad” all the time.

The way Dad makes an effort to find me a present just from him.

The way Dad and Mom are both obsessed with “the Young and the Restless”. It’s pretty comical.

The way Dad makes sure absolutely everything is in working order on my car before he lets me travel anywhere.

The way Mom crochets and knits me hats, gloves and scarves every winter.

The way Dad seems more concerned and excited about getting mom a good Christmas gift these past few years.

The way Mom gets excited about finding something just right for Dad as a present.

The fact that, despite quarrels, they still sleep in the same bed every night and storm through indifference. I love you Mom and Dad.