Seven Years

Today marks the SEVENTH birthday of this blog! I don’t know that I can pinpoint what I was feeling or thinking the day I started this blog in 2010, but I can pretty much guarantee I did not predict it would be around for this long – this post is number 456! If this is…

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new moon

when you fell into my sky it was purple and orange it was blessed with yellow flowers and honey bees there was no need to command attention when you fell out of my sky it was dark, sheer, and damp with regret i wish i could write about the way your skin was warm velvet…

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No dismay, just a play on words for how us coastal locals say ‘this’ haha… Not a lot to report today but I had to make a record of how May went in photos. Promise I’ll write more next month, celebrating 7 years of blogging! 🙂 M.

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don’t lose this don’t abandon these feelings this life is non-renewable so you can tell me please tell me even if it’s just a whisper there’s a noise we can’t place feelings we can’t face even if they are real they are real the details and the desire living in revisions don’t lose this M.…

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Labrador Hygge

I just finished reading a book called The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well by Meik Wiking. It became very clear to me that Hygge is something that many families I know practice without even knowing it to be a ‘thing.’ Hygge is, in short, the art of cosiness. It is about surrounding yourself…

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March Hare

  March is almost over and I’m realizing this is my one and only entry to sum up the month…how to do this? The most memorable thing from this month was my Mom’s visit. She came here for work meetings (which she rocked) and we spent the evenings hanging out and enjoying coffee and shopping.…

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you didn’t dig my roots you didn’t even burrow but everyone loves a sturdy evergreen in the right light thrown in the middle of barren land my humble advice to you is not to sell seeds you never plan to sow M.

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The Congratulations Project

Every January 1 millions of people make ‘resolutions’ for the upcoming months of the new year. Last year I had the idea that instead of making ‘resolutions’ we should make ‘congratulations.’ You see, a resolution is a means of ‘resolving’ something – pointing out that you have this problem you have to work on. Way…

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a person abroad.

Life is a storybook and I’m trying to accept these characters For what they’re destined to be Trying to accept the fates and fortunes The fools and follies The givers and takers The glass-half-broken folks And people who claim to have no glass I need you. More than I’ve needed most things, because I’m scared of…

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