A Whole New World


Wow, where do I even begin. The last two months have been something else. I’ve been writing in my journal pretty much daily. I haven’t been online very much at all, mostly because I want to avoid the slew of information coming out every minute about Covid-19. The world is under lockdown because of this pandemic, and life is just so different. Thankfully, I’m one of the lucky ones who was able to keep my job so my life has some sense of normalcy. It is very strange going to get groceries. Seeing everyone standing on Xs on the floor and wearing masks and gloves. Seeing stores and restaurants closed down and not knowing when they will reopen again.

Sidenote: I miss steaks grilled medium with mexican rice and cajun shrimp… damn you Jungle Jims.

I miss going to the theatre and eating nachos. I miss being able to browse what little choices we have here at the stores. The world is in such a weird state. I hope things can get back to some kind of normal by summer. If not, at least I’ll have bike season.

My pain in the ass face tooth is finally out. January came and went, and so did February, and March, and then Covid-19 came along… so it was impossible to fly out for dental surgery. It got so bad I lost night after night of sleep, and finally my doctor called a dentist and said let’s get this thing out. I have another appointment for a second wisdom tooth extraction mid-May. God help me.

And finally, the best for last, more positive news; Jeffrey. Amongst the chaos I have some light. I have a boyfriend? That feels weird to say? I don’t really talk about it to anyone but we’re happy in our bubble. My roommates like him, most importantly my DOGS like him, and he makes my heart very happy. We’ve known each other for years, but only recently reconnected. There was never a good time. There hardly ever is. But I’m glad it’s happening now. For anyone who may know Jeffrey and kind of raised an eyebrow to this post, you can feel free to ask me about it in person. The Internet doesn’t need to know everything.

Stay safe;




Today is my mother’s 56 birthday. I didn’t forget. Though amidst all the chaos in the last month, I did forget to send a card. I’m feeling pretty bad about the fact that, to my mother’s discovery, I didn’t ever blog about her on her birthday. As I explained, I never knew she really took notice of my blog and instead I always made a little post about it on Facebook for her. Nonetheless, I can see why she’d feel dismayed about that.

Right now the whole world is in a state of uncertainty because of ‘the thing that shall not be named’. But future you, looking back on this post, you’ll know what’s has happened. I just hope we’re looking at it in the past tense.

Last night I went for a drive around town. It was around 10:30pm. I drove around every nook and cranny of Goose Bay, was gone from home about 40-45 minutes. In that length of time I saw a total of 4 vehicles on the road, one of which was a cop car. So many businesses with giant signs in their windows and unplowed parking lots. It is seriously eerie. Felt like I was inside of a tv set.

Anyways, back to my mother. We didn’t always get along. We don’t always get along. In fact, I’m quite sure there’s a lot of things about me that she doesn’t particularly care for but she never says so. Isn’t that the way of a mother though. Loving their children no matter how they turn out?

Last year my mom lost her sister, my Aunt Shirley. She was a huge part of mom’s life, even though they didn’t get to see each other in person a lot they shared many phone conversations. There’s been a lot of upset lately. Life is never simple. My mom and dad aren’t always in the best of health but we’ve been very, very fortunate that things aren’t worst than they are.

My mom always smells like baby powder. She’s used the same Lady’s Speed Stick Powder Fresh deodorant for years now, and every time I hug her I feel like a baby being swaddled into loving arms. For as long as I remember, hers are the only arms I ever have wanted to be in when something is going wrong. Or going right. They’re just where I want to be. She’s the first person I talk to whenever something happens of note.

So whether or not I’ve written about her on here, which I’m certain I have within the 10 years I’ve been up in this joint, the fact remains the same: my mother is my safety net, and she deserves all the love and consideration that life can throw her way.