rest assured.

Yes, I think about you. All the time. All the time I so gleefully wasted, fully aware you would leave. I still don’t know why I did it. I guess it was like fool’s gold- pretty on the outside, but lacking value. I wanted everything I had until it recycled me. M.

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Every NYE brings the thought of what I accomplished that year, and what I look forward to continuing the next day with the start of a new year. I stopped making resolutions because all that does is pick away at the things that you could be better at, instead of acknowledging all the good that…

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The edge of it all.

It’s December 21, the darkest day of the year. I’ll try not to be too…cynical. It’s been a weird month. A lot of things have happened since my last post about my nan’s passing. I’ve taken on a new position at my work where I manage a courier business, which entails working with a number…

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A Question of Fear

I’m sure at some point in your life someone has asked you, “What are you most afraid of?” My answer has always been the same; death, but not dying myself, my closest family dying. While I’m still incredibly fearful of that day, it now has an add-on. Not remembering. For as long as I can…

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The long September

My posts have been few and far between, life has been busy. I’ve been battling sickness since the beginning of August and it has intensified into a sinus infection which I’m medicating for now. There’s ginger and lemon everywhere in my house! Some stuff: I’ve re-started Keto. I did this ‘diet’ when I was renting…

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I decorate my skin with signs that I’ve felt something, signs that I’ve done things in my life. Made memories. Had dreams and desires. I decorate my skin in black ink; starkly contrasted on my sensitively white yet native body. I decorate my skin with modern fragrances to wash away all the scents that say…

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Samosas in the Trees

On Friday Amrit, Douglas, Gracie and I celebrated Amrit’s 25th birthday with a beach fire. Amrit’s birthday was earlier in the week but we were all working, so we collectively got Friday night off and spent the night at the beach singing, dancing (Amrit lol) and eating good food. This is kind of a new…

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Sunday visions

It’s Sunday, July 30. I’m really having trouble believing how fast this summer is going by. Especially since lately I’ve been woken up by rain and crows cawing in the trees in the backyard (which I love by the way). Fall is the absolute best time of year and the last few days have been…

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think of me like a house

think of me like a house with a hundred compact rooms filled with antiques and broken mirrors the bones are still good think of me like a house with mismatched chairs and vaulted ceilings my height is my advantage think of me like a house where you hold your love for safe keeping where your…

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