The Great Cycle Challenge

75km completed, and $705.98 raised for the SickKids Foundation as of today!
There’s still time to donate!

I signed up for this challenge on June 21, and to be honest, for many days leading up to its start I was nervous. I’ve never done anything like this before. In a way I guess it is competitive sport, though you’re competing just against yourself and your doubts.

After the first three rides I knew I could succeed, and each ride I challenged myself to do a little better than before. At the same time, if I wasn’t feeling the best, I didn’t push either. And I think that’s why I was able to complete it. I went at my own pace, and didn’t feel like I had to rush to keep up to other people. If it’s one thing I’m good at, it’s comparing my accomplishments to others and feeling shame if I don’t measure up.

But I did it. I biked the last 9km this morning in the pouring rain, and I think for the last km it was more tears that wet my cheeks than anything.

My welcoming committee as I got home from the very last (very wet) ride.

I’d like to thank all of my family and friends who lent me an encouraging word, and donated to this wonderful cause.

I’m happy because my body let me do this, and nothing compares to the hardship that little kids face when fighting Cancer. Sending love to everyone being healed by the SickKids Hospital, and the miracle workers that fight the good fight.


A sweaty selfie (lol) for each of the 11 rides it took to complete this…

A big month

And now I’m caught up! We’re into August. This month has been really fun. Challenging but fun.

To begin the month, I started the Great Cycle Challenge! This nationwide event is a fundraiser for the SickKids Foundation, kids cancer research program. I signed up (I think in May? June?) and started my ride on August 1.

I have committed to 75km, and to raising $500 (which I have surpassed as of August 12 thanks to generous donors!) You may be thinking to yourself, 75km is not that far – especially for your typical cyclist here in Goose Bay. For me, it is a challenge. I have no issue saying that I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life, and it’s not easy for me to bike like it is for many others, but in 5-10km increments I’ve been doing great – and will likely exceed the 75km I’ve committed to.

So far I’ve done 8 rides totalling 49.8km, and raised around $630!! If you’re feeling generous, the SickKids Foundation would appreciate the support.

My ‘proud’ selfies from my first 8 rides.. don’t judge me, lol!

In the middle of this, I gladly accepted an invite from Safe Alliance to perform at the Lawrence O’Brien Arts Centre for Pride Coffee House! It was an honour to be asked, and a great joy to participate. 10/10 will do it again. While I was reading my poetry, the thunder and lightning outside the building got so loud, and it was intense but beautiful.

Photo Credit: Safe Alliance

Who knows where the rest of August will take me… but you can count on me talking about it.


A July that flew by..

As I mentioned in my previous post, I didn’t receive my new computer until August so I was unable to post. This is my summary article for July.

I made a quick trip home at the end of July to spend a few nights home with my parents. Normally (as you would see in previous years of July posts) I would have a good dose of Salmon fishing photos to show you. This year I just could not bring myself to go out in boat.

Since the tragic loss of Joey and Marc, I don’t look at the ocean view from my hometown with the same love and respect. Joey never came home. Somewhere out there my dear cousin is missing, and I think a little piece of our hearts will never heal because of that.

I could say more, but it brings such a heaviness on my heart. I’ll leave you with some photos from my July.