Fly away from here

So I’ve already discovered these blogs will not be coming every day, and won’t always have photographs in them. However, that being said, still feel free to come back and check the place out because when I do get around to it, you know it’s gonna be magic.

Yesterday Aaron and I headed down to the dock to feed the birds.. like we usually do when we find stale bread in the refrigerator. After they had eaten they lined up along the edge of the dock and continued to make those classic gull noises. I caught this cute couple as they had finished their serenade.

Hope everyone’s having a great week. Happy Hump day.


This is what I mean by not posting a picture every day. I actually didn’t take any photos today, of anything.  Today was a very irregular regular day. I wrote a letter to the local town council today about garbage clean up around town, and in writing, I came to find that maybe I ‘do’ have the guts to become a Journalist.. and an activist at the same time. This pleases me.

I’m excited now about the possibilities, about moving to a new place, about packing and wrapping and unpacking and unwrapping. I love the organization of it all. I love that once we get to our destination that it will be ours, a house to ourselves with two bedrooms and two double beds. I won’t feel confined to either a living room with a loud TV while I’m trying to be creative, or a small bedroom where I have no choice but to sit on a 3×3 spot of carpeted floor or the bed. I love that I feel like I’m doing the right thing, after so many months of nagging regret that I threw away a ‘decent job’. This world needs me, connotation-ally.

The beginning

I’m now attempting to do a 365 project, a combination of blogging and photographs. Sometimes there may be only photographs, sometimes only words. I will be moving in August, and attending Journalism school in September. My schedule may (who am I kidding! will!) get hectic, so bare with me if I miss out on a few things here and there. Best of luck for a great summer, now, let us begin our Journey.

This photo was taken today at 9:04 PM. I took my point-and-shoot Camera with me today, a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC W110. It does what it needs to, and it really captured the beauty of todays sunset. See you tomorrow.