Tricks are for kids

Today was one of those days where I needed something carbonated and cold to survive. I spent a good portion of today in the backyard with Aaron, mowing and (weed) whacking, and also clearing away some brush. I got burnt even though I layered on the lotion. When all was said and done I had a strong need for a can of Coke, and boy did I ever enjoy that one.

We went to the dock after supper (had a lovely meal prepared in the Slow-cooker, god bless you Betty Crocker!). I got a few snaps of the sunset, and some kids doing tricks with their bikes off the wharf. I would have gotten some cool shots had I taken my Rebel, but I took my point and shoot emergency camera.. burst mode on that is crap. Anyways, here they are! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Orient this!

Luke and Carly are finally starting to get along. Sort of. Now most of the time when Carly walks up to Luke and licks his side she just gets ‘the look’ instead of a smack in the face. They also went to sleep moderately close to one another today, and ate dinner together..picture to follow.

I received my orientation schedule for College today and came with it a twinge of excitement. I’m more eager then ever to leave this sandbox. I don’t know how many times I read over my schedule and the rules and regulations. I feel like a kid again, preparing for senior high, wondering about what the cool kids are gonna be wearing. But instead of thinking about who’s wearing what or dating who, I’m thinking about a fantangly new camera that I’m going to be purchasing to do my photography courses. Assuming I get funding, we get alloted 1200.00 for supplies for the first year of the program, and supposedly part of the supply list is an SLR. I think I’m going to get a Nikon this time around.

It’s been super hot here lately (yesterday it got up to 38’c! nuts!) and today is a bit cooler, but it came with rain and well.. gloomy-ness. But it doesn’t knock the fact that today is FRIIIday, and I’m feeling happy. Have a great weekend everyone!

Civilized.. at last!
I’m ready to go, just say when.


We decided that Luke needed a friend to hang out with while I was in school and Aaron was at work/school. That friend’s name is Carly.  We had wanted to get a feline friend for Luke a while ago but not until we saw the kittens at the SPCA did we decide for sure. Carly looks almost identical to Luke, when they sit beside one another it’s almost like she’s a miniature version of him, Luke’s own little mini-me. Did I mention he loathes her?

We have Carly for a trial period for now, just fostering. Hopefully with a little more time Luke will learn to love her, but if not, then we would need to bring her back. It’s not fair to Luke, and certainly not fair to her for being bullied all the time. For now we just have to monitor them, each of them has their own beds and necessities.. Carly loves her tent, Luke took over my leather recliner lol. Here’s some snaps of the little bugger!

Steel Belted Radio

Even on the worst of days, it seems like the radio always has something to offer. When I was a young child I remember hearing the radio in the background while my parents and I tried to sleep through the hot balmy nights on the coast. Until I was old enough for school we lived in a remote fishing village called “Hills Harbour” where there were only 3 houses, and 3 families.

I have a ton of memories from being ‘down along’ but none clearer then one particular night when I was sick. I had fever induced seizures growing up and this one night I was awake in bed while Dad strolled back and forth the kitchen, patrolling to make sure I was alright. I remember the front door being open all the way to let ‘fresh air in’. I could see out the doorway from the angle of my bedroom and there was a large boat out in the bay, I remember watching the lights flicker on the boat and hearing the radio in the background, something about the hum of an old guitar, the light breeze across the house, and those lights flickering across the way were so peaceful. It’s perhaps why I remember it so well. Whenever I turn on the radio I slip back into that memory and thank god for the way that I grew up, and that I had such great parents.

Even when I went to school, every morning the radio would be on to hear ‘the fisherman’s broadcast’. When I came home for dinner, it would be on again but I didn’t pay any attention to it at that point. To this day the radio still plays religiously in my parents home, I let out a laugh the last time I heard it because dad told me that he would be hearing me on there someday soon. I hope he’s right.