Category: Short Stories

  • Picture this.

    Picture this.

    Picture this. You’re walking down a freshly groomed trail in winter, it’s a crystal-clear calm night, just below freezing. Your breath dissipates in the air. It smells like Christmas and it reminds you of exactly that. It reminds you of when you were a kid, full of awe and excitement about the morning you got…

  • The Ocean’s Soul

    The Ocean’s Soul

    The mist lingered on top of the water for 15 minutes longer today. He took another sip of coffee and rocked slowly in his chair on the front deck of the cottage they once coined their poets nest. He thinks back to a time when they would comb the shoreline every Friday for debris released…

  • Breaking Bread.

    Breaking Bread.

    The sunlight tangoed across the dusty dashboard. Her fingers tapped to the tune of “Crazy,” by Patsy Cline. “No one sings it quite like you Patsy,” she said aloud to no one in particular. Her window was down, the dirty western air clambered in to greet her skin. “You’ve got a lot of nerve showin’…

  • There Were No Edges.

    There Were No Edges.

    No one could find the edge of her heart – truth is, there were no edges. The love she had for everyone and everything was infinite.. and it was reciprocated. I don’t know of anyone who wasn’t in awe of her – just by the presence of her. She had that special something that no one else ever…

  • On the corner of Death and Disaster

    On the corner of Death and Disaster

    I caught you eyeing me too many times to count, and all I could do was smile. Looking back now, did you ever think the girl you met at the corner of death and disaster would make you this happy? You sit awkwardly near the wood stove. Your socks drying from that mornings trek for…

  • Open Your Eyes

    Open Your Eyes

    The night fell like a black cloak surrounding the bay. The snow glistens on the mountain tops from beneath the glow of the rising moon. A polar bear and her two cubs creep quietly across the barren land, glancing carefully to and fro for predators and prey. The darkness will keep you here, if you…

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