Category: Poetry

  • twine

    this family was knit with twine laced with careful yet time-worn fingers prepared as a duty patterned by past confessions the holes sewn feverishly should we get lost in the storm no one can say we didn’t try our best no one can say our net wasn’t cast long or hard enough we sit idly…

  • exodus

    Bursts of birds billow against the sharp winter sun And I, Navigate fields of coarse blonde hair, Lost in the nothingness. Frost shatters all corners, Life moves slowly and with purpose; A lover’s hand it’s equal. We meander through these feelings, testing the weight of our tongues against the truth. M.    

  • after and

    after and

    In this life I am the after and I’m Labrador and pepper, butter and oranges I made no mistake, I know where I stand I’m minutes, I’m flowers When the funeral is done Imagine seeing me at my best I’m me, After you, After and. M.

  • St. Agony, 2014

    There was a woman on the third floor She sang ‘you are my sunshine’ repeatedly What kind of trauma had she endured? Me with my lack of tonsils Choked by cigarette smoke and the smell of crab God forbid you crack a window The sheets stuck to my dry legs and I don’t know how…

  • animals in waiting

    animals in waiting

    can you feel me retreating? i tuck my tail in head for the river to drink from the water and replenish all that was lost in the continuum we rallied under street lights sifted through snowstorms because we had to make our own fun make fun lone wolf lonely we were all animals in waiting…

  • universally yours,

    what if I miss you and those are the only feelings I have left to feel what if I’m so tired my eyes won’t open all the way I miss all the signs danger, danger no stops for 392 kilometers I keep running on four wheels away from feelings too strong to settle too scary…

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