night driving

don’t love me back
i’m asking because i need this.
my heart is a crackling birch
and you, our breath in winter.
we were born on a cold, lifeless day
becoming not quite terrible
you, our breath in winter
and me
burning brightly
the birch gives warmth to all.
(let me do all the night driving)


same light

i hide my true colors under the generous moon
we bathe in the same light
but we’re not the same
nowhere near
you are playing the part
near the end, before we begin,
we walk in silence
our arms swinging, hands grazing, sometimes
your tongue is a feather that tickles my thoughts
i’m bound as your trestle
my stomach is knots
let’s learn a new language
let’s touch a new life
there is no i in we
we just bathe in the same light


Adventures in Watercolor

I’ve taken a renewed interest in watercolor paintings lately as a part of making my 2016 more creative. I paint one or two a day and try to write even though I have no motivation inspiration. One little thing I find rather handy is a random word generator I found online. Most words are bullocks for creating a poem but occasionally you’ll find 3 or 4 words that you can make work.

Here’s some paintings.

Create a good day.