Music Ask

I came across this on Pinterest the other day and thought I’d try it out. Here’s my answers, it was hard to choose because there’s so many good ones:

  1. Black Balloon – Goo Goo Dolls
  2. Edge of Seventeen – Stevie Nicks
  3. Steal My Sunshine – Len
  4. Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
  6. Starships – Nicki Minaj
  7. Boys Of Summer – Don Henley
  8. Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd
  9. If It Makes You Happy – Sheryl Crow
  10. Sleep – The Dandy Warhols
  11. Swallowed In The Sea – Coldplay
  12. The Anthem – Good Charlotte
  13. Welcome to the Jungle – Guns n Roses
  14. Bring It On Home To Me – Sam Cooke
  15. Dancing In The Dark – Lucy Dacus
  16. Clair de Lune – Debussy
  17. Islands In The Stream – Dolly & Kenny
  18. Take My Breath Away – Berlin
  19. 11am – Incubus
  20. Heaven Coming Down – The Tea Party
  21. Jack & Diane – John Mellencamp
  22. Bitch Better Have My Money – Rhianna
  23. What I Got – Sublime
  24. Wonderwall – Oasis
  25. Be Yourself – Chris Cornell
  26. Can’t Help Falling In Love With You – Elvis Presley
  27. Whiskey Lullaby – Allison Krauss & Brad Paisley
  28. I’ve Got You Under My Skin – Frank Sinatra
  29. Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor
  30. Fix You – Coldplay

Always Remember

Always remember us on this day. We’ve only been living this life a couple of months, it’s still fresh and new. Always remember us eating wood fired pizza at the dock watching the boats. Always remember us driving around holding hands, talking and then visiting the swing set on Green. Always remember to say “weeeee” when you reach great heights.

It’s easy with you. It takes no effort to love you.

If I could change anything, it would have been finding you sooner, and loving you longer.


Ten Years

A few days ago marked the 10th anniversary of Color of Outdoors. Every year that goes by that this blog is still in existence I’m more amazed that I’ve kept it going. Life such as it is, I don’t get on here much anymore. I’m lucky to get one post a month, yer spoiled if you get more than that 😉 haha.

What have I learned in the last 10 years worth mentioning on here? Hmm..

Be more selfish. You’re important too.

I ain’t sorry.

It’s really important to have a good pair of shoes and a good bed, it makes life so much more tolerable.

Dogs are a necessity. End point.

You’ve got the rest of your life to pay your bills, don’t be so hard on yourself that you don’t get a treat now and then.


Water. Drink more of that shit.

Speak the truth even if your voice shakes.

Wash your face.

Biking = freedom.


My love to you all;



We’re ending off the first week of June and a few changes are underway. Unfortunately I (we) have to move from base housing and into another place. I will miss it up here, the quiet, the security, the cheap rent….

I’ll miss being able to just take my bike out the front door and almost be instantly on a safe bike lane. I’ll miss the space, the bright windows, the feeling of home that I’ve had for the first time in a long time.

With any hope, my friends and I (current roommates) will be renting a detached house in the lower valley. We’re supposed to be viewing it soon. Big back yard, nice back deck, and hopefully access to a garage as well. I’m not excited about packing up and moving again, especially disassembling and moving my squat rack and 350 pounds of weights back upstairs. Ugh.

Positive spin? Yes hey? I’ve got friends and family that are down to help us relocate. That’s always a good thing. And hopefully, I’ll get a bigger bedroom this time lol.

Here’s some pictures from the last couple of weeks, including a recent long weekend I took at home.