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Writer and photographer from remote Labrador, Canada. Just another cold Labradorian chillin' in the Big Land. Can most likely be found walking my dog Grace or behind an iMac screen slowly taking over the interwebs.

The thing I like about needles

Is that you can get so damn creative with them. I really don’t mind needles, at all. Bloodwork is a breeze, and I’m now on my….*counts* 12th tattoo. Also, there’s the fact that you can put a bit of thread in them, and create some pretty neat things. My first ever embroidery is the flowers…

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Fall Beginnings

I took a trip home to St. Lewis to spend Thanksgiving with my family. It was really nice to spend time in the shed with dad, and to spend time crafting with mom. And I mean, the turkey dinner wasn’t too shabby either. Here’s some photos from recently. Cheers; M.

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animals in waiting

can you feel me retreating? i tuck my tail in head for the river to drink from the water and replenish all that was lost in the continuum we rallied under street lights sifted through snowstorms because we had to make our own fun make fun lone wolf lonely we were all animals in waiting…

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universally yours,

what if I miss you and those are the only feelings I have left to feel what if I’m so tired my eyes won’t open all the way I miss all the signs danger, danger no stops for 392 kilometers I keep running on four wheels away from feelings too strong to settle too scary…

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Hot July

It’s not a new discovery or anything, but I really despise the heat of summer. I’d take a blizzard over +30s like it has been for a few days this week. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this overwhelmed by the temperature, I actually slept on my bedroom floor with Grace. Some recent events:  –…

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Eight Years

Yesterday marked the 8th anniversary of Color of Outdoors. Every year I remain amazed that I kept this thing going. Some months I only post once or twice (sadly) and others, I get a rush of inspiration and almost post twice a day! Thank you for coming along this journey with me. If you’re new,…

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fact checking

People want each other but they don’t need each other The air is so fresh here Biking is cheaper than therapy None of my plants ever died on my watch Teaching someone english is not the same as teaching them how to love People who never listen to your concerns don’t respect you Tattoos are…

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i can feel my heart pounding in my ears it is not fear it is just the weight just that i carry around, three times the average gravitational pull i am quick i am fluent but i am heavy it is a burden shared by my relations (they like to remind me) that someone prettier…

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could have been Anthony

my jaw clicks it is the same click shared by my uncles and my dad i often wondered had i been born with-   out a purpose had i been an Anthony instead of what i am would i be any different? would i be a parent a poet a-fraid i have built engines i…

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meet me at my watery edges cast your judgements aside and find that you are free there are no eyes on you but mine forget release accept fate and all of its disclaimers the distance between you and your desires is a fleeting thought amongst the rot of your doubt forget release cast your judgements…

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the good dark

I wonder how long it will take you to forget what my face looks like – what my hands feel like. All the silly promises we made took off in the take off. My life will not be a bestseller I will still be here enjoying the good darkness in light of all opinions growing…

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every night

maybe I do go to the valley of the shadow of us every night I smell that woodsmoke I see that constellation I am alone in the in-between where you and I were and whatever’s next it’s safe to say there’s nobody like you it’s safe to say I broke my heart too every night…

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waiting for something that resembles gold when life is a whole lot of copper maybe tomorrow will be different when the sun breaks they call it dreaming but i’m most often awake to watch the clouds slide by and every second feels like i’m too late feeling my days slip away from the same point…

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